Medirom Announces Partnership with MATRIX Industries to Deliver The World’s First Health Monitoring Wearable that Never Requires Charging

Smartband - MOTHER - (Photo: Business Wire)

TOKYO--()--Medirom is today announcing a partnership with MATRIX Industries enabling users in the US and Japan to monitor their health activities 24/7 by delivering the world’s first health monitoring smartband - MOTHER - that never requires charging.

“Medirom operates 284 relaxation studios all over Japan and has helped millions of people to get a healthier life. And now we have developed an on-demand health monitoring app - Lav - under the supervision of doctors to create a platform that can prevent people from getting lifestyle-related diseases,” said Medirom CEO Kouji. “We have tried a lot of wearables to keep users monitoring their health, however, it didn’t last long.”

As research shows, the number one reason consumers stop using wearables is because they take them off to charge and forget that they exist. By partnering with MATRIX, we hope to develop a smart-tracker that never requires charging and can provide accessible options for consumers.

MATRIX has developed PowerWatch - the world’s first smartwatch that never requires charging- by applying innovative technology like its Gemini TEG (Thermoelectric Generator) and Mercury Boost Converter that enables body heat to generate electricity. With PowerWatch, it is possible to measure calorie consumption, activity and sleep, without ever needing to stop and charge.

[Best features of MOTHER]

1. The World’s First Health Monitoring Wearable that Never Requires Charging

MOTHER is a smart tracker that never requires charging and can provide accessible options for consumers. With MOTHER, we are particular about the unisex design that can be worn stylishly regardless of gender and distinguish from other trackers on the market.

2. Releasing the SDK for Apps so that any healthcare service provider can get device tracking information the smartest ever

With MOTHER, we will open up the SDK (Software Development Kit) for Apps to help any healthcare service provider to build and expand their own service easily. “You usually have to download two different Apps on your phone when you start using any healthcare service with smart-tracker because the data cannot be directly synchronize to the App. Usually at first, you have to synchronize the data to the Original App of the device, and then synchronize the data to another App that you mainly want to use to apply the tracking data. It’s also been a huge block for any healthcare service provider to expand their healthcare service,” said Medirom CEO Kouji. “Any company will be able to directly import MOTHER tracking data into their services. We believe that it can contribute to the development of any business that require user’s health information, such as nursing care, fitness gym operators and other health-related industries. ”

Exhibition information


Date: January 7 (Tue)-10 (Fri), 2020
Venue: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Booth: The Venetian. Suite 36-307.


MATRIX INDUSTRIES was established in 2011 as a Silicon Valley material science company by CEO Akram Boukai and CTO Douglas Tham. The team consists of doctoral graduates from California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, University of California San Diego, and veterans with over 25 years of advanced technology dissemination activities. It consists of development and production experts.

[About Medirom Health Linkage Japan, Inc.]

Medirom’s mission is to help people lead healthier and happier life with more vitality. Since 2000, Medirom has expanded its relaxation studio “Re.Ra.Ku” to 180 stores and the number of single-brand stores in the relaxation business has reached No. 1 in Tokyo, while expanding database marketing based on data collected from our physical condition management app. In 2015, the Institute for Healthcare was established, and in collaboration with doctors and university professors, it has expanded its activities such as research on health promotion and disease prevention in non-disease fields, and coordinated projects specialized in the healthcare field.

Outline of Medirom Co., Ltd.

Company name: Medirom Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3-26-33 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Keikyu Building 10 3F
CEO/Founder: Kouji Eguchi,
Established: July 2000
Capital: 1,211.2 million yen (including reserves)
Business description: Studio management business / franchise business / health tech business


Medirom Health Linkage Japan, Inc.
Yoshio Uekusa
TEL : +81-3-6721-7364
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Medirom Health Linkage Japan, Inc.
Yoshio Uekusa
TEL : +81-3-6721-7364
FAX : +81-3-6721-7365
Mail :