Radioline Unveils a Futuristic Car Application With NXP at CES 2020

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LAS VEGAS--()--Radioline will be alongside NXP to present a breaking new automotive infotainment application.

The global provider of radio stations and podcasts – Radioline – will be exposed at NXP booth (Booth CP-18 in the Central Plaza) at CES 2020, to demonstrate its Hybrid Radio application for cars (FM / HD Radio / DAB+ / DRM / CDR / IP). Then, the application will be touring in worldwide selected automotive shows and exhibitions with NXP for 1 year.

To combine the best technologies, Radioline collaborates with NXP, one of the world's leading semiconductor companies, to demonstrate the capabilities of NXP infotainment chip set with a breaking hybrid radio application.

With more than 15 years of expertise in Internet services, Radioline has devised a unique application to meet the growing technological needs of car manufacturers. Expert in mobile solutions, OTT and IOT, the company develops car applications that are reliable and compatible with Linux HTML5 and Android for Cars.

Radioline has combined its technologies with NXP to ensure an interactive and secure driving experience that meets the driver’s needs and pleasure,” explains Xavier Filliol, COO of Radioline.

Radioline has quickly developed an application well suited to demonstrate the capabilities of our infotainment chip set,” says Nacho Seirul-lo, Director of Program Management at NXP. “Radioline has enabled the integration of Broadcast and Internet radio in our radio demonstrator thereby improving the user experience.”

Innovative technology

With access to a catalog with more than 90,000 radio stations and podcasts from more than 130 countries, the app offers an easy and customizable interface for an optimal driving experience:

  • Thanks to innovative technology, this hybrid radio system automatically switches between six connections, IP, DAB +, FM, HD, DRM and CDR to take advantage of a variety of programs.
  • With a simple touch, drivers can easily save and find their favorite stations, podcasts or songs by creating a favorites list.
  • Access to local, national and international programs through catalogs of selections available on the application (news, sports, entertainment, music…).
  • Custom program guide and metadata offers an access to a wealth of content information like a title, description, cover and album name...
  • Optimized access through a clean and intuitive interface, designed by Radioline

About Radioline

Radioline is a global radio provider – #1 in Europe – with +90,000 stations & podcasts on all screens, distributed by a large range of partners (telco, OEM, media portal, middleware, etc.).

The service is built on a highly scalable platform with advanced features, enriched content management, massive channel aggregation and universal access via any mobile device, online PC, connected TVs, IoT and in-car digital solutions (with TDF / RadioBridge).

More about Radioline:

Radioline is a Baracoda company.


Xavier Filliol


Xavier Filliol