Global Counter-UAV (C-UAV) Systems Report 2019: $5.47 Billion Market and Technology Forecast 2020-2028 -

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The Counter- UAV market is estimated at around USD 1.8 Billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to USD 5.47 Billion by 2028.

The cumulative market is expected to surpass USD 32 Billion. The C-UAV market is expected to experience a CAGR growth of around 13%. The Ground-Based Platforms are expected to continue its dominance in the market, these include both the fixed platforms and vehicle-mounted platforms.

The rise of unmanned platforms has opened multiple opportunities across the Defense and Commercial arena. However, the abuse of UAV technology has given rise to the Counter-UAV technology. In a typical defense environment, the missile defense system is capable of preventing any unmanned platform from entering the restricted airspace, however, the cost incurred does not justify its usage.

The projectiles used by the C-UAV system are cost-effective compared to the missile defense system, which is also one of the key drivers of the platform.


The report is aimed at:

  • Analyzing the key trends in the market, these include the key drivers, restraints, and challenges which are expected to shape this market in the forecast period.
  • Understanding the key technologies which are expected to impact this market during the period 2020-2028, maturation of these technologies could push a few existing technologies to redundancy.
  • A detailed analysis of the software interfaces has been covered in detailed in the report.
  • The top ten countries have been analyzed, the key regulations in these countries have also been covered in the same section.
  • Detailed coverage of the PEST and Porter's five forces in the Counter- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market.
  • The Opportunity Analysis chapter highlights the high growth market segments across the C-UAV market.
  • The market forecast segment-wise and understand the high potential markets.
  • Understanding the various scenarios and their impacts in the C-UAV market.

Who is this report for?

  • Commercial C-UAV Manufacturers: The report would be helpful for commercial C-UAV manufacturers to understand the current market potential and future market growth.
  • Defense Manufacturers: The defense C-UAV manufacturers can benefit from this report to understand the market potential in the defense segment and the key trends which are expected to govern this segment during the forecast period.
  • Financial Institutions: The financial institutions, including banks, can use this report to evaluate their future investments in the C-UAV market.
  • C-UAV Designers: The report would help the C-UAV designers to understand the key technologies that are expected to shape the market in the forecast period.
  • Department of Defense: The Department of Defense and its affiliated organizations could use this report to get an in-depth perspective of the C-UAV market.
  • Decision Makers: The decision-makers in the organization could use this report as a foundation to plan their future business decision.

Reasons to buy

  • The report titled Global Counter- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle- Market and Technology Forecast to 2028 would help the new entrants and the existing players in the market to understand the key market trends.
  • The key market drivers, restraints and challenges of the C-UAV market are covered in detail in the market analysis chapter.
  • Porter's Five Forces Model and the PEST Analysis are covered in detail in the report. This could be of help to the new entrants into this market.
  • The technology chapter would be of help to companies considering future R&D investments in this market.
  • The report can be used by the strategy formulation teams of C-UAV companies to build their long-term forecasts.
  • The sales team can use the market forecast chapter to plan their sales campaigns and focus areas.
  • The sales teams can also use this report to understand the key market players across countries, the report has covered most of the manufacturers in the C-UAV market.
  • The Opportunity Analysis chapter covers the key sub-segments which have been identified as the high growth segments in this market.
  • The company-related information like financials, latest news, contracts, and SWOT are covered in detail for around 10 companies and a short description is covered for around 30+ companies.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Introduction

1.1 Objective

1.2 Market Definition

1.3 Methodology

1.4 Events based Forecast Scenario

1.5 Who will benefit from this report?

1.5.1 Business Leaders & Business Developers

1.5.2 Defense Professionals

1.5.3 Policy Makers, Budget Planners and Decision Makers

1.5.4 Civil Government Leaders & Planners

1.5.5 Financial analysts, Investors, Consultants

1.6 Language

2 Executive Summary

2.1 C-UAV Market Trends and Insights

2.2 Top Five Major Findings

2.3 Major Conclusion

2.4 Important Tables and Graphs

3 Current Market Overview in the Global Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market

3.1 Market Introduction

3.1.1 UAV classification

3.1.2 UAV- System Breakdown

3.1.3 Software Vulnerability of UAV

3.2 Current Market Overview

3.2.1 Counter UAV Classifications

3.2.2 UAV Threat Engagement

3.3 Technology Analysis in the Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Market

3.3.1 Artificial Intelligence

3.3.2 RF Pattern Recognition

3.3.3 Modular Counter Drone System

3.3.4 SDR

3.3.5 Swarm Tactics

3.3.6 5G Drones

3.3.7 UAV Tracing Mechanism

3.3.8 Direct Energy Counter Systems

3.3.9 Quantum Radar

4 Market Segmentation

5 Market Analysis

5.1 Market Drivers

5.1.1 Increase in UAV Incidents

5.1.2 Securitization of Critical Infrastructures

5.1.3 Increase in Global Terrorism

5.1.4 Lack of Regulation

5.1.5 Cost of Defense

5.2 Market Restraints

5.2.1 Economic Slowdown

5.2.2 Legislation

5.3 Market Challenges

5.3.1 Reducing Size of Platform

5.3.2 Technology Upgrades

5.3.3 Lack of Standardization of the regulation

5.4 PEST Analysis

5.4.1 Political

5.4.2 Economic

5.4.3 Social

5.4.4 Technology

5.5 Porter's Five Forces

6 Country Analysis

6.1 Introduction

6.2 The United States

6.2.1 C-UAV Products Manufactured in the US

6.2.2 Product Classification by Platform- US

6.2.3 Regulation

6.3 The United Kingdom

6.4 Switzerland

6.5 Singapore

6.6 Israel

6.7 Ireland

6.8 Germany

6.9 France

6.10 Denmark

6.11 China

7 Global C-UAV Market to 2028

7.1 Total Global Market by End User to 2028

7.2 Total Global Market by End User (By Technology) to 2028

7.2.1 Commercial

7.2.2 Homeland Security

7.2.3 Defense

7.3 Total Global Market by End User (By Platform) to 2028

8 Global C-UAV Technology Market to 2028

8.1 Total Global Market by Technology to 2028

8.2 Total Global Market by Technology (By End User) to 2027

8.2.1 Electronic

8.2.2 Kinetic

8.2.3 Others

8.3 Total Global Market by Technology (By Region Wise) to 2028

9 Global C-UAV Market by Region to 2028

9.1 Total Global Market by Region to 2028

9.2 Total Global Market by Region (By Platform) to 2028

9.3 Total Global Market by Region (By End User) to 2028

10 Global C-UAV Market by Interdiction to 2028

10.1 Total Global Market by Interdiction to 2028

10.2 Total Global Market by Interdiction (By Tracking and Detection) to 2028

10.2.1 Tracking and Detection

10.3 Total Global Market by Interdiction (By Countermeasure) to 2028

10.3.1 Countermeasure

11 Opportunity Analysis

11.1 By Region

11.2 By End Users

11.3 By Technology

11.4 By Platform

11.5 By Interdiction

12 Events Based Forecast

12.1 Introduction

12.2 Events Based Scenarios

13 Company Profiles

13.1 Lockheed Martin

13.1.1 Company profile

13.1.2 Products & Services

13.1.3 Segment Revenue

13.1.4 Financial info (revenues, profit last 5 years)

13.1.5 Recent contract wins

13.1.6 Recent Projects Completed

13.1.7 Strategic Alliances


13.2 Raytheon

13.3 QinetiQ

13.4 Thales Group

13.5 Rheinmetall Group

13.6 Cobham

13.7 Northrop Grumman


13.9 Elbit Systems

13.10 Drone Shield

13.11 Other Companies Mentioned

13.11.1 Chenega Europe

13.11.2 Meritis

13.11.3 Repulse

13.11.4 Elta Systems

13.11.5 Accipter Radar

13.11.6 My Defense Communication

13.11.7 Advanced Protection Systems

13.11.8 Allen Vanguard

13.11.9 ALX Systems

13.11.10 Broadfield Security Services

13.11.11 Delft Dynamics

13.11.12 DeTect, Inc

13.11.13 ELT-Roma

13.11.14 EXPONENT

13.11.15 IACIT


13.11.17 Joint-Stock Company Scientific and Technical Center for Radio-Electronic Warfare

13.11.18 KB Radar Design Bureau

13.11.19 MC-CLIC

13.11.20 Microflown AVISA

13.11.21 Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

13.11.22 Nammo

13.11.23 NEC Corp.

13.11.24 Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Radio Engineering

13.11.25 OPTIX

13.11.26 Panasonic

13.11.27 Robin Radar Systems

13.11.28 Rostec

13.11.29 Sensofusion

13.11.30 Sohgo Security Services

13.11.31 Squarehead

13.11.32 Terra Hexen

13.11.33 VETH Systems

13.11.34 ZALA Aero Group

13.11.35 Meritis

13.11.36 Repulse

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