IONpath Announces Commercial Launch of MIBIscope™—the First Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging System

MIBIscope allows researchers to visualize over 40 biomarkers simultaneously with high resolution, sensitivity, and throughput, and is compatible with standard tissue processing techniques

MENLO PARK, Calif.--()--IONpath, Inc., a company revolutionizing multiplexed tissue imaging, launched the MIBIscope™ System, the first commercially available Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging (MIBI™) system. The MIBIscope enables researchers to image over 40 biomarkers simultaneously at higher sensitivity, resolution, and throughput than existing methods. IONpath is showcasing the platform at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Annual Meeting in Maryland from November 6-10.

To help scientists see deeper into the tissue microenvironment and study the relationships between proteins, cells and their environment in intact tissue samples, IONpath has leveraged secondary ion mass spectrometry and elementally labeled antibodies to create MIBI™ technology. This method enables higher throughput than existing multiplexed imaging technologies, such as mass cytometry, and is far more sensitive, permitting single-molecule detection. The MIBIscope can image cellular structures as small as 280 nm and visualize over 40 biomarkers simultaneously with a dynamic range of five orders of magnitude.

“Scientists in oncology and translational research will benefit from the unprecedented insights into spatial relationships within the tissue microenvironment by imaging and characterizing tissue samples at subcellular resolution,” said Harris Fienberg, chief executive officer and co-founder, IONpath. “After successfully piloting the MIBIscope in leading research and biopharma institutions, we are excited to bring the platform to market.”

The MIBIscope System removes only a thin layer of sample during imaging, thus permitting scientists to perform multiple scans on a single sample. Further, by scanning at different levels of depth, researchers can study tissue architecture in three dimensions. The MIBIscope System can be automated to image tissue samples continuously for multiple days, allowing researchers to process hundreds of samples a week and conduct broad cohort studies.

The simple staining process employs a standard immunohistochemistry workflow and is compatible with both FFPE and fresh/frozen tissue. Furthermore, samples are stable for months following staining.

To learn about the MIBIscope, visit IONpath at SITC booth #326, or attend the company’s symposium on Saturday, November 9 at 12:35 pm in Riverview Ballroom A3, where leading researchers from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Stanford University, and University of Colorado, Denver, will be presenting their research using the MIBIscope to characterize the tumor microenvironment. More information about IONpath’s activities at SITC can be found at Information about the MIBIscope System can be found at

About IONpath

IONpath, Inc. is revolutionizing tissue imaging to accelerate discovery for improving human health. The company’s MIBIscope™ System utilizes Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging (MIBI™) technology, developed at Stanford University, and represents a transformative step forward in molecular pathology. Leading biopharma and biomedical research institutes have been piloting MIBIscope in immuno-oncology, immunology and neuroscience research. MIBIscope is a highly multiplexed imaging platform with unmatched resolution, sensitivity, and throughput—enabling researchers to gain new insights into cellular structure and morphology within tissue.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Yoshimi Munch


Yoshimi Munch