LabTwin Partners with Life Science Incubator and Accelerator ABI-LAB

ABI-LAB startups can now use LabTwin’s voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant as part of a smart lab to streamline data management and make research more efficient

BERLIN--()--LabTwin GmbH, the world's first voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant, today announced a new partnership with ABI-LAB, a life science incubator and accelerator that supports biotech, medtech and medical data startups.

This partnership gives ABI-LAB resident companies access to LabTwin’s voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant. LabTwin allows scientists to access, capture and structure data at the point of experimentation. Furthermore, the digital assistant provides guidance to scientists in real-time and automates mundane tasks such as setting timers or reminders, and managing supply lists. For life science startups that are often budget and time-constrained, it is critical to use tools like LabTwin to reduce error, improve efficiency, sort valuable data and make research more reproducible.

“We are always looking for technology tools to help our companies build out their advanced smart labs and accelerate their research,” said Gary Kaufman, COO of ABI-LAB. “With LabTwin, our scientists are already seeing the benefits of hands-free data management while they work.”

“Experiments can fail due to transcription errors and missed details. Startups can’t afford to fail during their critical product development period. We specifically designed LabTwin to support scientists by eliminating sources of error such as manual transcription and undocumented protocol deviations,” said Guru Singh, Head of Growth at LabTwin.

How LabTwin Works

LabTwin works alongside scientists to collect data, connect internal and external information streams, help manage experiments and streamline documentation. Powered by voice recognition and machine learning technology, LabTwin’s smart assistant simplifies data capture, structures valuable data, provides on-demand access to scientific information, guides scientists through interactive protocols and provides suggestions to scientists in real time.

“Having access to a voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant is going to help us capture and track everything in the lab more efficiently than ever before,” said Dr. Raphael Nir, an ABI-LAB member. “Our scientists are often wearing gloves at the bench and need to pause experiments to take notes and then make sure that information gets sorted and verified correctly. Automating manual, tedious documentation and tasks through a digital lab assistant frees our scientists to spend more time on the experiments themselves and will hopefully accelerate our product development.”

“We are excited to partner with another leading biotech incubator and accelerator as it means bringing our AI-and voice-powered technology to more scientists who are looking for ways to improve efficiencies in their labs,” said Magdalena Paluch, co-founder and CEO of LabTwin. “Whether it’s taking notes, creating order lists, or getting step-by-step guidance through scientific protocols, LabTwin is the ideal lab assistant that automates manual work so scientists can focus on their breakthrough discoveries.”

Through this partnership, the resident companies of ABI-LAB receive a free fixed-period LabTwin trial followed by preferred rates.

About LabTwin

LabTwin is creating the next generation of digital lab tools for smart labs, starting with the world's first voice-activated lab assistant. With LabTwin, scientists can collect data, access information, manage experiments and streamline documentation simply by talking. LabTwin’s smart assistant leverages voice recognition and machine learning technology to simplify data capture, structure valuable information, and provide suggestions to scientists in real-time so they can make more informed data-driven decisions. With a mission to empower scientists, LabTwin is backed by Sartorius and BCG Digital Ventures. Its voice-powered assistant is used by hundreds of scientists in leading biopharma companies and academic institutions around the world including Deutsches Primatenzentrum (DPZ), University Medical Center Göttingen, and the University of California, San Francisco.

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ABI-LAB is an incubator and accelerator in the Greater Boston region that supports early-stage life science, biotech, medtech and medical data companies. ABI-LAB’s mission is to facilitate the growth and success of the next generation of entrepreneurs by fostering a vibrant collaborative environment and offering state-of-the-art lab space, best-in-class infrastructure, and the resources to help accelerate scientific discoveries. In two buildings with 85,000 square feet, ABI-LABs hosts up to 65 companies at any one time.


Guru Singh


Guru Singh