MasterPeace LaunchPad Initiates Annual Cohort Class With Five SpinCo Teams

Program utilizes Steve Blank’s Lean LaunchPad methodology to create scalable, commercial technology companies

COLUMBIA, Md.--()--MasterPeace LaunchPad, a technology accelerator that functions inside MasterPeace Solutions Ltd.’s government services business, today announced the initiation of their newest cohort class. MasterPeace’s program is modeled after the Lean LaunchPad start-up Business and Engineering school class taught at Stanford University, based on a methodology created by entrepreneur Steve Blank to support the launch of commercially focused technology companies.

Led by Director of LaunchPad Operations, William Olsen, this program covers all the technical and business aspects required to transform a startup concept into a viable commercial business, rather than just coaching cohort members on giving fundraising pitches or product demos. Last year’s 2018 graduates of the MasterPeace LaunchPad program created new companies including Yikes, which has contributed network security, engineering, and operations defense expertise to the NIST-led consortium for Mitigating IoT-Based DDoS, and Zuul, currently deploying national transportation market solutions for securing connected devices and payment systems. Another cohort from last year’s class, FactChain, will officially launch and begin selling product in the fall of 2019.

“MasterPeace LaunchPad is diversifying Maryland’s economic base by leveraging its Cyber and Technology talent pool to create new product companies and career opportunities for engineers who have previously focused on the Government Contracting sector,” said Drew Cohen, MasterPeace President and CEO. “We are glad to have the opportunity to support this new group of talented individuals and are eager to continue providing a platform for our engineers to create and launch new product companies.”

The five new SpinCo teams that comprise MasterPeace LaunchPad’s 2019 cohort class, some of which may turn into commercial companies that ultimately “spin out,” are working to build businesses that deliver unique technology to the marketplace. Two examples of the new startups’ offerings are described below:

ElectraZoom, an IoT enablement platform and device toolkit that provides one click onboarding of IoT devices into a mixed vendor/device environment. The ElectraZoom platform controls, manages, and monitors devices in a consistent manner, and is able to perform functions and interoperate in a network of heterogenous IoT devices. Users pick the IoT device they want and are not locked into what is available from a single manufacturer. The platform supports industrial enterprises in implementing machine learning, surveillance, factory automation, and more.

DataLocker, developed by LaunchPad’s Uplift Portfolio Service team as their first AWS service, offers PII-Data-Management-as-a-service to manage and store encrypted PII and HIPAA data to ensure that if a company is breached, critical information is not taken in the process. Advanced analytics monitor and block queries that are potentially malicious, alerting the SOC/CIRT and identifying the potential threat before the data loss. This reduces risk and cost, and will be an AWS marketplace service that can be easily added to existing AWS solutions. With a few simple configuration settings, this capability can be engaged and a company’s critical PII data is secured.

Following the completion of the LaunchPad Program, each company will showcase their technology at Demo Day in early February 2020. MasterPeace’s 2018 Demo Day included attendees such as Maryland Lieutenant Governor, Boyd Rutherford, and Howard County Executive, Calvin Ball.

“From our Innovation Center to the locally-based MasterPeace LaunchPad, Howard County is on the cutting edge of economic growth. By creating a culture that welcomes new businesses, leverages our strategic location, and utilizes our talented workforce, our community continues to be a land of opportunity,” said Howard County Executive, Calvin Ball. “I congratulate the new cohort class at MasterPeace and look forward to the innovative business ideas they are sure to create.”

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MasterPeace is announcing the initiation of their newest cohort class.


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