Recovery Base Reports that New Jersey Superior Court Judges Have Been Named in Contaminated Property Sale

SHERIDAN, Wyo.--()--Recovery Base, a mutual non-profit company, reports that a breakthrough has been made by a debtor in a bankruptcy case in Trenton, New Jersey. After 23-months in Chapter 13 and a recent change of judges, a federal judge voiced the words an abused debtor has long wanted to hear during a July 17, 2019 motion hearing:

“Okay, so my understanding is that Ms. McEwan and her husband were sold a piece of property that was environmentally contaminated, that they were not aware of the environmental contamination…the property was owned by an entity that included Superior Court Judge and her husband.”

- (From the transcript of the hearing, lines 13-18)

After Judge Christine Gravelle acknowledged Ms. McEwan’s claim implicating an entity partly owned by two Superior Court justices in alleged real estate and related fraud or misrepresentation that occurred starting in 2004, she scheduled the next hearing for 9/13/2019 at 10:00 am.

Sale of Contaminated Property

In her recent filings in bankruptcy court, Ms. McEwan named two Superior Court judges as participants and beneficiaries in what she says was a scheme to defraud New Jersey homeowners: Judge Patricia Del Bueno Cleary and Judge Linda Grasso Jones. The filings evidencing her allegations can be downloaded here. These filings also name the financial predators, lawyers, law firms, major banks and their network of loan servicing companies, as well as local, county and state officials which Ms. McEwan collectively refers to as “Cleary et. al.” because her abuse started with the law firm Cleary Alfieri & Grasso that sold the contaminated property to Ms. McEwan through a nominee in 2004. An overview of this bankruptcy case (17-29242-CMG Lori F. McEwan) can be found on the Recovery Base website.

Driven into Foreclosure

Ms. McEwan asserts in her recent filings that after purchasing the contaminated property in 2004 she was driven into foreclosure after Howell Township almost doubled her taxes from around $10,000 per year even though the town was aware that her property was contaminated when she purchased it and should have afforded her the tax reduction that federal laws provide for in such cases.

Unfortunately for Ms. McEwan, the principal partner in the law firm for Howell Township was James J. Cleary of Cleary Alfieri & Grasso, former owner of the contaminated property. Ms. McEwan’s foreclosure judge was Patricia Del Bueno Cleary the wife of James J. Cleary. According to Ms. McEwan’s filings, instead of recusing herself, since she profited from her husband’s real estate transactions, Judge Cleary denied her a trial by jury, discovery, and depositions which would have exposed the various illegal transactions starting with the sale of the contaminated property.

Long List of Creditors on This Contaminated Property

Ms. McEwan claimed in her 2017 bankruptcy filing that Bank of America Corporation, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing and other companies wrongfully foreclosed on her. A list of creditors in her case includes the following companies: AMIP Management, Bank of America, Countrywide Bank FSB, Ditech Financial LLC, Green Tree Servicing LLC, MERS, MTGLQ Investors, L.P., Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC, U.S. Bank Trust National Association, Residential Credit Opportunities, SN Servicing, and Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB.

Debtor Tape Recorded Alleged Fraud and Misconduct

Fortunately for Ms. McEwan, her recent filings indicate that she taped-recorded her conversations with the persons and companies that abused her and her family, including loan servicing companies and major American multinational investment banks such as Bank of America.

Need for Federal Investigation

Recovery Base will report this case to representatives of all three branches of the federal government, Attorney General William Barr and civil rights and public interest groups nationwide. A federal investigation should be expeditious since the taped-recorded conversations will save the government a significant amount of time and expense. Recovery Base will not attempt to contact Governor Phil Murphy or other state officials for reasons that can be reviewed here.


Recovery Base has set up an email hotline for pro se and other distressed litigants who believe they are victims of fraud and misconduct in foreclosure cases that involved Judge Patricia Del Bueno Cleary, Judge Linda Grasso Jones, the law firm Cleary Alfieri & Grasso, or any person or company associated with them or any financial or mortgage-related company on the list: Other victims or interested parties can contact the company at or or


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New Jersey Superior Court Judges Named In Contaminated Property Sale


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