WBI Grows Bull | Bear Trend Switch ETF Family with WBIN

WBI Investments Launches Bull | Bear Trend Switch US Total Return ETF on NYSE ARCA

RED BANK, N.J.--()--WBI Investments, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of WBI Bull|Bear Trend Switch US Total Return ETF. “The WBI Bull|Bear Trend Switch ETF family will give investors broad market exposure with WBI’s hallmark risk management,” said Don Schreiber, Jr., Founder and CEO of WBI. “WBIN brings our proprietary trend-following bond model that we’ve used for nearly 30 years to investors everywhere.” The company previously brought to market WBI Bull|Bear Trend Switch US 3000 Total Return ETF (ticker: WBIT).

WBI has long used sophisticated trend models which are momentum-following and analyze evolving macro trend risks as they relate to fixed income and equities. “By measuring a wide array of economic, corporate fundamental, interest rate and momentum trend data, our quantitative models can develop risk signals that significantly improve investment outcomes,” said Don Schreiber, Jr. “The goal is to optimize bull market return while minimizing bear market loss.”

“As bond investors may know, optimizing your portfolio for credit quality and duration can be a challenge,” said Matt Schreiber, President of WBI. “That’s why we feel the market needs these types of products. Market signals indicate we are in a late-stage bull market, and investors need to prepare for the next market cycle. Trend following products can help navigate big bull and bear periods. WBI’s Trend Switch suite is designed to analyze an abundance of market data each week in an effort to find the optimal exposure, navigating away from market risk and large losses.”

Bond Model Design

The Bond Trend Switch strategy seeks to optimize risk and return by evaluating signals from a separate proprietary rules-based bond model. The Bond Model consists of two independently calculated models: a Quality Model and a Duration Model. The models assess conditions likely to affect the relative performance of US Treasuries, US Investment Grade Corporate Bonds, and US High Yield Bonds and determine their sensitivity to credit quality and duration. The Quality and Duration Models consider macroeconomic factors, interest rates, credit spreads, valuation, momentum and technical market indicators in fixed income, equity and commodity markets to determine the optimal duration and credit quality for bond holdings.

The WBI Bull|Bear Trend Switch ETFs are built upon the firm’s time-tested quantitative modeling experience to give investors simple solutions aiming to optimize bull and bear market cycles. At WBI, our mission is to manage risk by preserving capital to help improve an investment portfolio’s compounding efficiency. The WBI Bull|Bear Trend Switch ETFs offer a time-tested approach to help clients invest more successfully rather than trying to buy and hold through the market’s roller coaster of gains and losses by combining low-cost indexing and risk management.

About WBI

For over three decades, WBI’s goal has been to help investors stay comfortably invested by aiming to reduce risk to capital. Our value-driven investment process and risk-managed SMA and ETF strategies can help investors navigate both bull and bear markets.

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Investing involves risk including loss of principal. The market value of debt securities held by the Fund typically changes as interest rates change, as demand for the instruments changes, and as actual or perceived creditworthiness of an issuer changes. During periods of rising interest rates, the market value of the debt securities held by the Fund will generally decline. For important disclosure information, please click here.

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