An eSports Event Solely for Disabled Is First Held in Japan!

Who will win 1,000,000 JPY as a prize and the glory of the first champion? - Gunma eSports Association

MAEBASHI, Japan--(), developing disability aid services in Gunma (Head Office: Maebashi City, Gunma; Representative Director: Kinya Ichimura; hereinafter ONELIFE) has, as Gunma eSports Association established by ONELIFE in February 2019, decided to hold “1st eSports Event for Disabled in 2019 GUNMA” on August 31, 2019 at Big Cube in Vient-Takasaki of Takasaki City. Accordingly, we start accepting the registration for players participating in this event on May 17, 2019. (Application Deadline: August 10, 2019).

Outline of Event

Winner’s Prize: 1,000,000 JPY
Event Day: 10:00AM – 5:00PM (tentative) on August 31, 2019
Venue Name: Big Cube, Vient-Takasaki
Location: Vient-Takasaki, Tonyamachi 2-7, Takasaki City, Gunma
Maximum Capacity: 2,000 persons
Event Partner: Unsold Stuff Gaming
Title to be Used: League of Legends

Player Entry Form

Application Deadline: August 10, 2019
Eligibility for Participation: Those who have a disability certificate

Event summary

- 1st eSports Championship for Disabled in 2019 GUNMA (League of Legends)
- Puyo Puyo Experience Corner by professional gamer “live”
- Disability Consultation Booth
- Many other booths

“Gunma eSports Association”
Established in February 2019
An organization established by ONELIFE which is to engage in various activities for the purpose of the development and prosperity of eSports in Gunma

“Unsold Stuff Gaming”
A group of professional gamers that has been achieving excellent results in various game events including the vice-champion of League of Legends 2018 Professional League

A Puyo Puyo professional gamer certified by JeSU who has a history of appearing in the official PV of Puyo Puyo Tetris Switch Edition, etc.

Please visit the followings for the latest information on the event.


Gunma eSports Association:

Outline of Company

Trade Name: Gunma eSports Association
Trade Name:
Representative: Kinya Ichimura, Representative Director
Location: Hirose-cho 3-18-15, Maebashi City, Gunma 371-0812
Establishment: February 2019
Service Lineup: Welfare services for people with disabilities


Trade Name: Gunma eSports Association
NAME: Kyoko Nakamura
TEL: +81-270-75-3476


Trade Name: Gunma eSports Association
NAME: Kyoko Nakamura
TEL: +81-270-75-3476