SCIEX Celebrates 30th Anniversary of API III and Unveils Innovations at ASMS 2019

New technology innovations mark the company’s next milestones, and build on its pioneering history

ATLANTA--()--SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, recognizes the 30th anniversary of their API III, the first commercial dedicated Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API) system that enabled pioneering work in quantifying molecules from liquid samples. This year at ASMS, SCIEX plans to announce four significant technology innovations, again pushing the boundaries of analytical science.

It is particularly fitting that this announcement takes place in Atlanta, GA, where the API III was first launched and became the benchmark for LC-MS. With the IonSpray™ source, the API III revolutionized the way companies performed molecular analysis, influencing significant progress from pharmaceutical drug development to food safety testing.

“The [API IIIs] were incredibly sensitive. They solved problems that had existed for decades – and that was how to measure analytes in a LC flow reproducibly, and with high sensitivity in signal-to-noise ratios, that were just not possible before,” says Jim Hager, Principal Research Scientist, SCIEX.1

“Suddenly you had this new piece of software and hardware…but it was the speed of that and that’s why people adopted it,” says Liz Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of Alderley Analytical. “When you look at the bigger picture of that, it means…they were making faster decisions, and it was helping them move the whole industry on.”2

Thirty years later, SCIEX is still innovating and pushing the boundaries of quantification to inform its customers’ critical decisions, truly making the power of precision a reality.

At ASMS 2019, SCIEX hosts their annual users meetings and breakfast seminars, along with an exhibition booth, hospitality suite, and software demonstration suite. All these opportunities allow attendees to engage with experts and walk through SCIEX systems. SCIEX will also proudly introduce their new:

  • Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry technology, incorporating the Open Port Interface and Acoustic Droplet Ejection, to be Echo MS upon commercialization
  • SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500+ LC-MS/MS System – QTRAP® Ready
  • TripleTOF® 6600+ LC-MS/MS System – featuring Scanning SWATH® Acquisition and OneOmics™ Project in SCIEX Cloud

To complement their portfolio, SCIEX is also introducing a revamped SCIEX Now™, the company’s dedicated support network. As the go-to destination for all support needs, SCIEX Now™ helps customers navigate through daily workflows to grow and optimize their labs. Targeted training and tools help customers get the most out of their instruments and realize exceptional efficiency.

“At this significant anniversary, we celebrate the pioneers in our rich heritage who advanced analytical technology, and recognize the innovators who continue to break new ground to develop ingenious solutions that empower the wider scientific community,” says Inese Lowenstein, President at SCIEX. “Together with our customers, we can help impact the future of science and ultimately, the wellness and safety of every person. This enables us all to realize life’s potential.”

To learn more about the origins of SCIEX and how a small team of scientists pioneered in mass spectrometry to truly realize the power of precision, watch the Generation Quant video series or visit the SCIEX Hospitality Suite at ASMS.

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1 SCIEX. 2019, May 7. Generation Quant Episode 2: Foundations

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Lulu VanZandt
Program Manager, Brand, Public Relations and Social Media, SCIEX
+1 (508) 383-7163
M: +1 (508) 782-9484


Lulu VanZandt
Program Manager, Brand, Public Relations and Social Media, SCIEX
+1 (508) 383-7163
M: +1 (508) 782-9484