Cytegic Embraces FAIR for Cyber Risk Impact

The FAIR Framework will be integrated into Cytegic cyber risk platform.

Elon Kaplan, Ph.D. CEO & President Cytegic - Cyber Risk Management Solutions (Photo: Business Wire)

TEL AVIV, Israel & NEW YORK--()--Cytegic, the leading automated cyber risk quantification and management platform, announced it is now embracing and supporting FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) in the assessment and quantification of Cyber Risk Impact, within the analytical core of its ACRO (Automated Cyber Risk Officer) suite of tools.

Throughout Cytegic’s platform evolution, it has adopted and integrated growing industry standards, including ISO 27001, NIST CSF and NIST 80-53. FAIR has recently emerged as the standard Value at Risk(VaR) framework for cybersecurity and operational risk, achieving broad industry acceptance.

Elon Kaplan, CEO, Cytegic, said, “Cyber Risk can’t be managed if it can’t be measured and defined in common understandable business terms, which the FAIR framework facilitates.”

Cytegic’s Rapid Risk Assessment, which utilizes the FAIR framework, is powering the cyber insurance revolution by offering small and medium-sized enterprises cyber risk assessments that are both accessible and understandable.

Cytegic will showcase their platform and assessment tools in the Israeli Export Institute Pavilion at the RSA 2019 conference the week of March 4 to March 8 in San Francisco. For more information or a demo contact


Cytegic’s revolutionary cyber risk platform is the industry’s first automated end-to-end solution that encompasses the entire scope of cyber risk management and financial impact analysis across the entire insurance and risk value chain. After 25+ man-years of R&D and 4 granted US patents, Cytegic has made groundbreaking steps in the highly challenging task of quantifying cyber risk at any level of scale, from SMB's to Fortune 500 enterprises. Utilized globally by insurers, enterprises and global consulting partners, Cytegic’s Automated Cyber Risk Officer (ACRO), leverages forward-looking, contextual and quantified global threat intelligence with internal, technologically validated defensive capabilities, to automatically identify risks to an organization’s business assets and financial impact at any degree of granularity. We can finally talk about cyber risk as a business risk tied to dollars and ROI; and make informed business decisions.


Cristina Dolan


Cristina Dolan