PASHpost Opens Doors to Displaced Google+ Members

Enthusiast Community Network Launches PASHGroups;
Google+ Consumer shuts down April 2

LOS ANGELES--()--PASHpost, the first full-service digital-media company serving enthusiast communities, announced today the launch of PASHGroups, a destination for those communities displaced by the imminent shutdown of Google+. serves vast networks of enthusiast communities by taking the best of platforms such as Craigslist, Google+, Reddit, and YouTube and unifying them in a single network, while also providing those communities with the tools they need to explore, discover, and share their interests.

On April 2, 2019, the Google+ consumer platform will officially close, affecting millions of Google+ members who at that time will lose all previously published content, as well as the ability to create new Google+ pages, profiles, events and communities. David Conway, Product Manager at Google, issued a statement to users reminding them to start saving any photos or videos they may have posted on the platform that they wish to keep, because data and content will no longer be available as of the April 2 closing.

Commenting on this news, Marion Riedle, Founder & President of PASHpost, stated, “We’ve got a home for the Google+ members who’ve built tremendous, powerful communities over the years. The opportunity to serve enthusiasts exploring their special interest is an honor we do not take lightly. At PASHpost, our mission is to provide enthusiasts an immersive, experiential environment that continually seeks fresh, inventive technologies, tools and opportunities to stimulate curiosity, connection and discovery.”

PASHGroups resembles the Google+ format, offering community groups stream-based posting of video, photo and text. PASHGroups is fully integrated into PASHpost’s proprietary pre-existing brand assets, providing each registered member with unlimited, 24/7 access to their own curated platform within the network of special interest communities.

John Costigan, founder of the largest community of car enthusiasts on Google+, commented on why he chose to migrate his community’s 700,000+ members to PASHpost: “There are a lot of community-focused experiences on the web, but for die-hards like me and the rest of the Auto Enthusiasts community, PASHpost presents a more rounded, topic-focused alternative to some of the more person-centric platforms out there.”

Each PASHpost registered member’s public profile features their:

  • Groups - communities the member belongs to - similar to Google+
  • Posts - 3-click text, photo & video uploads – similar to Instagram, Google+
  • Marketplace - all items the member is selling - similar to Craigslist
  • Discussion - featuring all discussion the member has contributed to - similar to Reddit
  • Video - for sharing video content they produce - similar to YouTube
  • Online Publishing – guided story-telling tool designed to create visually & editorially engaging articles

About PASHpost

PASHpost is an LA-based special interest enthusiast network connecting members with free, unlimited access to PASH’s tools, information and communities in a unified digital environment. Integrated features include: personalized member dashboards, newsfeeds, marketplace, magazine and discussion features tailored to the member’s interests.


Media Contact:
Melody Wolff
Briz Media Group

Release Summary

PASHpost announced today the launch of PASHGroups, a destination for those communities displaced by the imminent shutdown of Google+


Media Contact:
Melody Wolff
Briz Media Group