Survey: 1 in 4 Millennials Plan to Buy Experience Gifts for Valentine’s Day, Shows New Study by Xperience Days

NEW YORK--()--In a Valentine’s Day survey conducted by Xperience Days on over 500 Americans regarding gift-giving habits, half of the respondents revealed they’re not as excited about the holiday as they once were.

Who will celebrate V-day?

80% of the respondents don’t dread Feb. 14th and will find some reason to celebrate.

Married couples are somewhat apathetic to the celebration: 48% say they don’t mind it and 24% have no plans for the night.

Dating couples are more excited: 45% of them consider it the perfect occasion to celebrate with their SO.

Women Buy Experience Gifts, Men Choose Evening Outs

If men pick flowers (50%), candy (40%) and an evening out (64%), women think of unique gifts.

1 in 5 women will buy an experience gift, while 17.6% will get gift cards, romantic cards (7%) or cook a cozy home-cooked meal (6%).

Millennials Think They’re the Best Gift Givers

Out of all age groups, 40% of millennials say that their partners are always satisfied with their gifts - and an astounding 45.7% confirms it.

More than 1 in 4 millennials will offer an experience gift this year. Could this be the secret to a happy partner?

The Perfect Valentine’s Gifts

While men are more excited about giving gifts, 28% wouldn’t like to receive anything. If they are to receive something, 39% would prefer chocolates and a simple evening out.

For women, a perfect Valentine’s Day means an evening out (48%), chocolate and flowers (29% each) and an experience gift (24%).

The research shows that 1 in 4 women would like to receive an experience gift as a way to spend more quality time with their partner. Women tend to favor this type of gifts for their partners as well - almost 4 times as many women would buy an experience gift vs men.

The Best & Worst Gifters

Partners really try and their efforts are not in vain: 83% of men & 75% of women said their SO offered them their best V-day gift.

A bad gift could cause trouble in paradise: 7% of couples consider breaking up over a bad gift.

At the opposite end, 15% said they received their worst present from work.

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1 in 4 Millenials plan to buy an experience gift, according to a new Valentine's Day 2019 survey conducted by


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