Silicon Valley Voice Pioneer, Aiqudo, Unveils Its Latest Software Platform:

Enables Anyone to Use their Voice to Control and Interact with 1000’s of Mobile Apps

SILICON VALLEY, Calif.--()--Aiqudo today unveiled a set of breakthrough advances to Q Actions, its industry-leading voice enablement platform, that for the first time makes it possible for anyone to navigate their lives through their mobile apps seamlessly using a natural voice. Now, mobile applications can talk back to users to confirm instructions, conduct multi-step processes and even proactively alert users to new messages and read them back.

Unlike other voice platforms, Aiqudo serves users by working directly with apps users have downloaded on their mobile phones, eliminating the self-serving walled gardens erected by other voice platforms. Consumers may never be able to check Facebook instant messages from Alexa or access an Amazon wish list from Google Assistant and go shopping. Aiqudo removes this obstacle and makes voice the simplest, fastest, most intuitive interface for consumer technologies.

“By focusing on extending dominance in their legacy businesses such as ecommerce or search, the major voice platforms have failed to deliver on their own hype around voice,” said John Foster CEO of Aiqudo. “We’ve taken a better route focused on making voice truly useful today. We’re app-centric, platform-agnostic and let consumers use voice on their own terms, not just when they’re standing next to a device in their living rooms. Our voice assistant needs to be available to us whether we’re in a car, on a train with our hands full or wandering around an amusement park.”

At the center of the latest version of Aiqudo are features such as:

  • Directed Dialogue: Aiqudo quickly and easily guides users to successful actions, prompting them to provide all required pieces of information, whether it’s a calendar event requiring start and end times, location and event name, or providing party size and time for booking a table at a restaurant.
  • Compound Commands: Your favorite apps and mobile phone features can now work collaboratively to get everyday requests completed. Executing multiple actions with a single command is easier than ever - navigate with Waze or other traffic app and notify your friends of a late arrival with your favorite messaging app– and it’s done with one single request.
  • Voice Talkback: Don’t want to be distracted looking at your phone? Aiqudo can read back results from your favorite apps such as news headlines, stock quotes and message responses.

"Our Directed Dialog feature helps users to easily complete complex tasks,” said Rajat Mukherjee CTO of Aiqudo. “A user is only prompted to provide any missing information required by an action that she has not already provided in a command. Because we understand the semantics of all actions in the system, directed dialog works out-of-the-box for every one of our actions and does not require configuration, customized training or huge volumes of training data."

Deploying a semiotics-based language modeling platform enables multi-lingual natural language commands, while Aiqudo’s app analysis engine allows rapid onboarding of apps to provide high utility and broad coverage across apps. Today Aiqudo supports thousands of applications ranging from ecommerce apps like Amazon, Walmart, or eBay, entertainment apps like Netflix, Spotify, or Pandora, to favorite messaging and social apps including WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger and more.

Aiqudo Q Actions 2.0 will be available on Google Play by year end, and the company has already struck OEM relationships with the likes of Motorola for the technology to be embedded directly into phones.

About Aiqudo

Aiqudo (pronounced: “eye-cue-doe”) is a Voice AI pioneer that connects the nascent world of voice interfaces to the useful, mature world of mobile apps through its Voice-to-Action™ platform. It lets people use natural voice commands to execute actions in mobile apps across devices. Aiqudo’s SaaS platform uses machine learning (AI) to understand natural-language voice commands and then triggers instant actions via mobile apps, enabling consumers to get things done quickly and easily.

Aiqudo’s proprietary technology is covered by more than 30 granted patents and patent applications. Aiqudo’s technology is delivered in a scalable approach to creating voice-enabled actions without APIs or developer dependencies.

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Danielle Ghiglieri, Aircover Communications


Danielle Ghiglieri, Aircover Communications