SC18: Liqid Enables Industry’s First Composable FPGA Platform as it Broadens Composable Infrastructure Leadership

Liqid’s Composable Fabric Enables Scalability and Orchestration of FPGA Resources, Dynamic Inline FPGA Computing and Greater Resource Utilization Through Disaggregation

DALLAS--()--Liqid, leading provider of composable, disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) solutions and services, today announced the industry’s first composable FPGA platform with data center accelerator innovator Xilinx at Supercomputing 2018. By adding FPGAs as composable, bare-metal elements across an ultra-low-latency fabric, Liqid simplifies scalability and resource orchestration for optimizing artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging applications. Liqid’s evolving, composable platform delivers improved resource management and utilization with software-defined infrastructure composability and reprogrammable FPGA media.

“Data center workload requirements continue to evolve, intaking exponentially more data that must be turned into actionable business intelligence, faster, and more efficiently,” said Jamon Bowen, product marketing director, Xilinx. “We are pleased to work with the team at Liqid to enable the new Alveo data center accelerator cards within a bare-metal composable framework to unlock the performance and efficiency that a heterogeneous compute environment can provide for a wide variety of use cases, ranging from video processing, machine learning, to enterprise data analytics. The move to adaptive solutions that can be composed on-demand enables the full utilization of valuable FPGA resources.”

When designing state-of-the art, high-performance applications requiring the highest bandwidth and performance to drive next-generation AI workflows, the Xilinx Alveo family of data center accelerator cards provide system integrators the ability to optimize for performance and power. Liqid’s intelligent PCIe fabric and Command Center orchestration software enables total composability of the Alveo portfolio for:

  • The ability to dynamically compose bare-metal FPGA resources to create high-performance servers on the fly
  • Real-time integration of FPGAs with CPUs, GPUs, NICs, and NVMe storage to create balanced systems that run concurrent high-performance workloads
  • Composable systems for large-scale FPGA-driven analytics that dynamically reallocate resources for use by other applications when tasks are completed
  • The maintenance of balanced systems to meet the needs of today’s AI-driven compute environments and prepare for emerging data requirements
  • Exponential increases in FPGA resource utilization without increasing the data center footprint
  • The assignment of additional pools of disaggregated FPGA resources as dynamically, as needed

“PCIe is revolutionizing how we manage bare-metal resources, and Liqid is excited to work with Xilinx to offer composability for FPGAs on Liqid fabric with simple orchestration through our Command Center orchestration software,” said Sumit Puri, CEO and Cofounder, Liqid. “By working together with a broad array of technology leaders, we are positioning the industry for the most expansive composable infrastructure solution to take advantage of the opportunities the evolving data landscape has to offer.”

See live demonstrations of Liqid composable solutions at SC18, booth #3841. Go to to schedule a demo and discuss the latest NVMe and Liqid Composable solutions and services.

About Liqid

Liqid is a global leader in software-defined composable infrastructure. The Liqid Composable platform empowers users to manage, scale, and configure physical, bare-metal server systems in seconds and then reallocate core data center devices on-demand as workflows and business needs evolve. Liqid Command Center software enables users to dynamically right-size their IT resources on the fly. For more information, contact or visit Follow Liqid on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.


Robert Brumfield, 917-224-7769


Robert Brumfield, 917-224-7769