SessionM Continues to Innovate Advanced Customer Loyalty Solutions

Three new features allow restaurants and retailers to now deliver more personalized experiences to drive deeper loyalty

BOSTON--()--SessionM, a market leading customer data and engagement platform, today announced new advanced loyalty solutions for clients to bolster customer frequency, spend and brand advocacy. On average, SessionM clients see loyalty program members make 15% more purchases than non-loyalty members due to enhanced program personalization. Now SessionM customers will have greater control and flexibility around managing earning velocity by specific source and targeting personalized benefits to customers based on status within a customer engagement program.

According to a recent Gartner, Inc. report, “Capturing and maintaining customer loyalty over the long term remains an elusive yet necessary endeavor for retailers. Loyalty and customer relationship management was identified as a major focus of retailers in Gartner's 2018 CIO Survey with 76% of respondents making it the No. 1 priority. Over the past several years, increased shopper expectations for consistent, service-driven experiences have only added to the complexity of maintaining long-term customer relationships.”1

“At SessionM, we’re redefining what it means to drive customer loyalty,” explains Mark Herrmann, co-founder and chief product officer at SessionM. “The ability to deploy a flexible incentives program fueled by customer data management capabilities is a formidable tool in the loyalty arsenal.”

SessionM is built on a powerful customer data platform (CDP), which streams in data from disparate sources such as the in-store point of sale, ecommerce platforms, email service providers and social activity to build a robust and real-time profile. Executing a loyalty program built on this holistic view of each customer enables brands to drive an engaging customer experience based on each consumer’s preference and their previous behavior – increasing spend and driving revenue.

SessionM’s loyalty software enhancements include:

Earning Velocity Management by Source: Marketers can pull different levers to award incentives at different velocities to encourage spend across channels and third-parties. For example, award double points for customers using a private label credit card or inspire urgency by having points earned in-store expire in a shorter time frame.

Enhanced Tools for Custom Reward Stores, Menus and Offers: Configure highly personalized reward stores to target specific customers, individual or groups of stores or special tiers and/or spend thresholds. For example, restaurants can curate offers available in the reward store or populate deals for hidden menu items available to only the most exclusive members to encourage product exploration.

Enhanced Targeting and Experience Management by Customer Tier: Brands can establish and manage public or private tier-associated benefits and offers. With hidden tiers, brands can leverage unpublished methods, such as personalized product recommendations, tailored offers or exclusive experiences. For example, a retailer can create tiers based on a minimum spend threshold that triggers an exclusive, surprise reward or unlock the next tier once an event, like filling out a customer profile, is complete.

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1 Gartner, Loyalty Is a No. 1 Investment Priority, but What's Next for Retail Loyalty Programs?, 26 February 2018

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SessionM is a customer data and engagement platform empowering the world’s most innovative brands to forge stronger and more profitable customer relationships. The platform scales for the enterprise, globally. SessionM is headquartered in Boston with offices around the globe. For more information on SessionM, visit


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Jessica MacGregor, 617-986-5024

Release Summary

SessionM today announced three new advanced loyalty solutions that will help clients bolster customer frequency, spend and brand advocacy.


fama PR for SessionM
Jessica MacGregor, 617-986-5024