Enterprise Holdings CEO Pamela Nicholson Subpoenaed by SubscriberWise CEO David Howe

National Car Rental ‘ding and dent’ civil theft plaintiff demands opportunity for direct examination of rental behemoth chief executive

Pamela M. Nicholson CEO for Enterprise Holdings commanded to appear and testify in felony grand theft civil fraud and theft suit, Lee County Florida (Photo: Business Wire)

ST. LOUIS--()--SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today three individual witness subpoenas to appear and testify at the civil theft hearing, Howe vs. Enterprise Holdings, Inc., in the County Court of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit in and for Lee County Florida. The trial is scheduled for August 22, 2018, in Fort Myers, Florida, Honorable Archie B. Hayward, Jr.

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“The witness list is complete,” commented David Howe, National Car Rental ‘ding and dent’ fraud victim. “And it’s far from substantial in terms of the number of witnesses needed because the Lee Port Authority Police official report effectively contains all the sworn testimony necessary to prove intentional negligence and fraud well beyond the preponderance which is required of the plaintiff.

“In addition to two local managers who had involvement with the ‘ding and dent’ predatory encounter at the SW FL Fort Myers International Airport National car rental counter, I have asked the Lee Clerk of the Court to command CEO Pamela M. Nicholson to appear and testify. I’ve also spoken with the St. Louis Sheriff today and have advised their office to expect the subpoena for personal service in Clayton, MO.

“From my perspective – as a victim like the myriads and myriads of others across this nation – it’s critical to know if the CEO is aware of the harmful practices, including but not limited to predatory arbitration clauses and unfair adhesion contracts that effectively ensnare wholly innocent consumers with ease at virtually any opportunity and without a shred of evidence of liability. It’s critical to know if the CEO is planning fundamental changes to internal processes for not only USA citizens, but also for our sisters and brothers from around the globe who have also been victimized with ease.

“And it’s critical to obtain the CEO’s sworn testimony so that lawmakers can be better informed about the state of the industry, including the problems and the solutions that only common sense regulation can resolve,” Howe added.

“Yes, it’s time for the car rental industry – and Enterprise Holdings in particular, to move beyond the inadequate protocols of asking individuals to record vehicle damage on rudimentary ‘damage’ slips as evidence of condition,” continued Howe. “It’s time to expose and mitigate the remarkable financial risks associated with the so called ‘Expedient’ rental process that virtually guarantees victimization against consumers who merely expected the good faith and fair dealing covenant when they drove off with a rental chock full of pre-existing ‘wear and tear’, as well as other minor conditions for which civil theft is perpetrated with incredible frequency and ease.

“Yes, it’s time to progress to the digital age and provide both consumers and rental agencies high-resolution digital photographic evidence of vehicle condition so that there’s no longer a doubt…and no longer a huge financial motive by predatory agencies to fleece innocent victims -- which is exactly why the industry prefers to operate in the dark ages, literally,” concluded victim Howe.

“Enterprise has been accused of running a ding-and-dent scam so often by readers of this site, I’ve lost count.” — Christopher Elliott, Consumer Advocate at Elliott.org

“There’s literally hundreds of these [Enterprise consumer complaints]. It’s truly remarkable.” — Lindsey Sablan, Anchor/Call for Action Reporter at Wink News


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Release Summary

Enterprise CEO Pamela Nicholson is ordered to testify in civil trial. SubscriberWise CEO Howe intends to share the testimony with lawmakers.


David Howe, 330-880-4848 x137