Superion Launches Public Administration Cloud: A Single, Unified Solution for Managing Key Local Government Needs

Superion Public Administration Cloud offers single sign-on, unified security, and smart analytics in an end-to-end solution that provides finance, HR, asset management, community development, utilities, and citizen engagement.

LAKE MARY, Fla.--()--Superion, an industry leader in public sector software solutions, announced the expansion of its public administration offerings with the launch of Superion Public Administration Cloud. Building on the success of more than 300 Superion customers who are already in the cloud, Superion Public Administration Cloud delivers the industry’s broadest and most unified cloud suite for finance, HR, asset management, community development, utilities, and citizen engagement.

Disparate systems commonly found in on-premise environments at local government agencies create numerous operational challenges. Agencies who use multiple applications require separate logins to those systems, users have inconsistent experiences based on the module they’re using, and system administration becomes cumbersome and challenging. Furthermore, adding integrations to multiple systems increases the need for extensive staff resources and professional services that cost time and money.

Consistency and scalability are defining characteristics of Superion Public Administration Cloud. Through its smart integrations that span across applications, the suite delivers a consistent experience. For example, critical information related to utility bills, building permits, parcels, business licenses, and accounts receivables is accessible and visible from a single platform. This streamlined accessibility extends to the user experience as well, with singular logins for multiple applications; consistent search, reporting, and analytics capabilities across applications; and similar look and functionality of screens. Additionally, for land management needs, a common data repository syncs with Esri ArcGIS, which supports references from all other land applications. Any supplemental data is stored within an application’s own repository, creating a singular reference point.

Superion cloud products offer specific advantages for local government agencies:

  • It is much easier to get up and running because buying and setting up hardware becomes unnecessary.
  • Superion cloud solutions get agencies out of the business of care and maintenance of servers as data is safely stored in multiple redundant backups.
  • It becomes dramatically easier to try new modules, features, and functionality because in the cloud, these can be turned on as rapidly as needed.
  • As a community grows, Superion cloud solutions enable agencies to scale smartly. The need to purchase hardware before it is needed or to wait to scale up or down is eliminated. This flexibility and scalability make it far easier to add more agencies and serve a growing community.
  • Superion cloud solutions are always current, easing the concerns of costly upgrades and the disruption caused by these upgrades.
  • Hosted cloud platforms also are significantly safer than stand-alone, individual server environments. As hackers and ransomware that target critical services increase, Superion cloud solutions mitigate the risk of these breaches.

“Nearly three quarters of government workloads are expected to be in the cloud by 2021,” said Superion CEO Simon Angove. “So it's no longer a question of if it's happening; it's a question of, ‘how does your agency move to the cloud efficiently while improving the experience for citizens?’ We built Superion Public Administration Cloud with a focus on creating a single, unified platform that streamlines workflows and integrates data smartly across all local government functions. Equipped with this ‘single version of the truth,’ government agencies gain critical advantages in maintaining their data integrity. Thus, with our cloud offerings, public agencies can invest more time on their most important mission: providing the best public experiences for their citizens.”

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