Crimson Hexagon Unveils AI Solution for Customer Care

General Motors drastically reduces time to response using BrightView for Customer Care

BOSTON--()--Crimson Hexagon, the leading provider of AI-Powered Consumer Insights, today announced an innovative new customer care solution that uses advanced artificial intelligence to automatically detect and classify customer inquiries from public online and direct communication channels.

BrightView for Customer Care: Improve Responsiveness for Customer Concerns

The world’s biggest brands struggle to keep up with rapidly growing volumes of customer care inquiries from a wide variety of online channels that are often cluttered with a large share of irrelevant posts. To tackle this challenge, Crimson Hexagon developed BrightView for Customer Care, a machine learning-based solution for the world’s leading brands that automatically classifies customer care requests at massive scale.

An extension of the foundational algorithm of the Crimson Hexagon Platform, BrightView for Customer Care accurately identifies and processes customer communications from any source — social media, emails, chat logs, call transcripts — so they can be routed to the proper system, dramatically reducing time to issue discovery and resolution.

“Crimson Hexagon is helping us drive major efficiencies in social brand and care engagement by surfacing and categorizing relevant customer inquiries at scale. GM’s Social Media Care team has saved countless hours of sifting and sorting through irrelevant messages by realizing a 3x improvement in relevancy. This enables our advisor teams to respond to more customer posts faster and thereby improve the overall customer experience,” stated Rebecca Harris Burns, global head of Social Media Center of Expertise, General Motors.

Traditionally, customer care practitioners were able to monitor only owned direct social channels. With Crimson’s BrightView for Customer Care, care professionals also will be able to capture what is being said off channel, or, “in the wild.”

“AI’s scalability for large volumes of diverse data provides the opportunity to expand the overall depth and scope of customer interactions by operationalizing enterprise data and incorporating insights from all customer touchpoints,” wrote Joe Stanhope, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. (AI Must Learn The Basics Before It Can Transform Marketing, June 1, 2017)

Actionable Insights Derived from Consumer Conversations at Scale, with Unmatched Relevancy

From the beginning, the Crimson Hexagon Platform leveraged AI technologies to identify patterns and surface actionable insights hidden within massive volumes of information that were beyond human capacity to process. Today’s announcement builds on that AI legacy by adding incremental capabilities to the platform, including:

  • A personalized insights feed: Automatically surfaces insights and anomalies of a conversation that are highly relevant to the user’s specific areas of interest and that would otherwise be hard to discover.
  • Predictive alerts: Proactively sends notifications early in the trend cycle to alert users of important shifts or emerging crises.

Additional platform improvements include:

  • Reddit firehose. Adding to Crimson’s data library of 1.2T documents, the full Reddit firehose includes the ability to uniquely analyze subreddits.
  • Tencent QQ. From, China’s leading online portal, Tencent QQ has been added to the data library.
  • Live dashboards. The dashboard capability has been significantly enhanced to improve live monitoring of volume, sentiment, and relevant content feeds.
  • HelioSight, the search bar simple insights tool, now includes image analytics, sentiment, emotion analysis, and Instagram data.
  • ForSight, the deep analytics tool, now offers a much more informative and intuitive user experience as well as improvements to influencer identification and share-worthy insights.

To learn more about the platform updates, join a live webinar on June 28 at 11am EST.

About Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon helps global brands better understand their consumers. With instant access to the world’s largest volume of unstructured text and images across social, online public, and enterprise-held data sources, Crimson Hexagon’s AI-powered consumer insights platform allows clients to analyze audiences, track brand perception and campaign performance, and even detect competitive and market trends. Our clients include Anheuser-Busch InBev, Adidas, General Mills, General Motors, Paramount Pictures, and Twitter. Find us on Twitter and on LinkedIn.


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PAN Communications
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