CORRECTING and REPLACING Blink Health Announces a Price Match Guarantee on Generic Rx Medications

Blink Health Takes Aim at America’s High Prescription Drug Price Crisis

Blink Health announces a price match guarantee on generic Rx medications. (Graphic: Business Wire) Blink Health

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Blink Health Takes Aim at America’s High Prescription Drug Price Crisis

Blink Health will now guarantee the lowest prices on all generic medications available on its website and app.

“Millions of American families struggle to afford the medications they need for themselves and their loved ones. We’re committed to providing everyone access to affordable medications,” said Blink Health co-founder and chief executive officer, Geoffrey Chaiken. “This is one important step toward achieving our vision.”

Blink Health’s new pricing will make a significant impact on the growing crisis of high drug prices in America. A March 2018 poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that one in four Americans report taking four or more prescriptions, and 35% of those people say that they, or their family members, have not filled a prescription, have cut pills in half, or have skipped doses because of costs. In that same poll, 80% of Americans said that they believe prescription drug prices are unreasonable. Another recent poll conducted by GS Strategy Group found that 85% of Americans believe lower prescription drug prices should be an important or top priority for Congress.

“Our price match guarantee establishes Blink Health as the definitive place to get the lowest Rx prices, every day. We plan to create additional programs, expanding accessibility to vital medications for all Americans,” added co-founder and chief operating officer, Matthew Chaiken.

A list of the most commonly prescribed medications covered by Blink’s price match guarantee and applicable terms and conditions can be found on the company’s website at

Reactions from Blink Health Patients

Christian L from California – “The prices Blink's prescription program gets is such a lifesaver for me. I live with high blood pressure and a heart issue that runs in my family, so my medications are really expensive for me and my income doesn't really support [prescription drug coverage] plans that have prescription options with them. When I tried Blink for the first time I was really skeptical, but when the pharmacist told me what my total was, I almost started crying right there at the register. My total was 85% less than what I would have paid if I didn't have Blink. I walked out with all of my medications and I didn't have to pay full price. From that moment, I became a solid Blink user. This program is a Lifesaver for me,... and now they are offering price matching? That is awesome! Look out everyone else, Blink is coming through! That's awesome!"

Elvin H from Colorado – “Blink's affordable prescriptions gives me freedom to live my life. Before I knew of them, I was living under constant stress trying to figure out how to pay the exorbitant … prescription costs every month. Blink is legitimately a life saver because I'm able to get the seizure medication I need for vastly cheaper than through [prescription drug coverage] or the retail value... Their new price match sounds very exciting to me!”

Charlene P from Kentucky – “I'm excited about the price match guarantee and will definitely use Blink for all of our medications. We've never had a problem getting our meds and it's SO much fun to watch everyone when the druggist says ‘no charge’.”

Susan H from Ohio – “Blink has made it possible for my husband to get a medication that there is no way possible for us to afford. They have a great program for people with type 2 diabetes They personally called my pharmacy and talked to the pharmacist for us. The very next day my husband was taking the medication. Thanks to Blink. They really are very caring and extremely helpful. Now with this new price match guarantee we will surely be getting more of our Meds from them. I advise everyone to at least check them out. I'm glad we did.”

Blink Health overview

Blink Health makes prescriptions affordable for everyone with the guaranteed lowest prices on generic medications. Patients simply purchase their medications through Blink’s website or app and pick up their prescriptions at a local pharmacy. As the first e-commerce service of its kind, Blink Health negotiates directly with prescription medication suppliers on behalf of all Americans and uses technology to bypass powerful intermediaries. Blink Health is NOT insurance.

Blink Health Price Match Guarantee

The price match guarantee covers all generic medications available on or on the Blink Health app. To qualify for a price match, patients must purchase and pickup a prescription using the lowest price available at Blink Health--either the Blink Smart Deal, or should the Blink Smart Deal be unavailable for that medication, at the everyday low price. Should the patient find a lower price at a pharmacy in their community, Blink will match the price by refunding the difference, limited to $1000 per patient per month. Mail delivery pharmacies and pharmacies outside of the United States are excluded. The lower-priced offer must be a verifiable, publicly available cash price. Prices offered through prescription drug coverage or fee-based membership programs do not qualify. For medications for which Blink Smart Deals are available, patients must purchase and fill at the Blink Smart Deal price in order to qualify; Blink Smart Deals are limited to certain medications and geographies.


For Blink Health
Brooke Matthews


For Blink Health
Brooke Matthews