GEICO: Learn About High Tech Wearable Gear During Motorcycle Safety Month

WASHINGTON--()--Not all safety items come down to the machine. GEICO is committed to safety for the public and for members of the military beyond Motorcycle Safety Month every May, and wants you to be aware of these other safety factors.

High visibility fabric and reflective piping have been around for decades. Today, safety wearables range from airbags, LED signaling, and helmets with heads-up displays and rear-facing cameras.

Airbag jackets and vests come in two styles: attached or non-attached to the bike. The concept is simple. If you are ejected from the bike, either a ripcord attached to the bike or embedded sensors will ignite the airbag when they detect a mishap. Both work within milliseconds of a problem.

LED brake light for your helmet mounts on the back of the helmet and uses accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to automatically let others know when you brake or slow down. It is designed to detect regular, engine, and emergency braking.

There are a few helmets on the market utilizing heads-up displays. Some give key motorcycle data or maps; others serve as "rear vision" with an integrated camera in the back.

The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) helmets were designed around the same idea that naturally protects the brain during impacts; the MIPS layer moves slightly within the helmet to deflect harmful forces that could otherwise damage your brain.

“We know it’s not just the gear that makes a rider safe,” said Tom Garner, director of GEICO’s Military sales and service. “Members of the military are well trained and disciplined not to take unnecessary risks; that’s part of the reason we’ve become such good partners since 1936.

“We can offer those who are serving coverage plans designed just for them, military discounts and Motorcycle Safety Foundation discounts if they take the classes. Our Military Service Center is filled with U.S. veterans to provide military men and women with a sense of comfort that they are all talking the same language. We are committed to serving those who serve.”

For other motorcycle related articles, please visit GEICO More. Additional safety tips will ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable motorcycle season.

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