World’s Leading Travel Channel Travelxp Will Delight 16mn Viewers across UK on Freeview from 30 April

  • Channel Number 98 on Freeview UK
  • The first TV channel from India launching in the UK for mainstream TV consumers
  • Will also produce content for UK locally through its UK Production Office, across its popular genres of Destination, Food, Culture, Nature, Heritage, Lifestyle and more
  • Travelxp is the world’s leading travel channel (based on travel content and global 4k reach)

LONDON--()--Television homes in the UK connected to its single largest platform Freeview have reason to rejoice: Come Monday, the 30th of April, the world’s leading travel channel, Travelxp, will be launched on Freeview to inform and entertain 16 million homes with its great multicultural travel content shot for mainstream audiences.

Sumant Bahl, MD – Europe, Travelxp, said, “We are delighted that from Monday, Travelxp will be available to the large and very discerning audiences of Freeview across the UK. We are confident that our popular, premium travel-related shows will truly resonate within the UK too, as they do with travel-loving audiences in over 75 million TV homes worldwide. We are happy to partner with the Freeview platform, which have helped us become the first Indian television channel that has launched in the UK for mainstream audiences, and we look forward to developing a deep bond here.”

Travelxp is known for its mainstream approach to creating exquisite travel content, and already has a large library packed with over 1000 hours of engrossing content. Travelxp shoots its shows across genres like Destination, Lifestyle, Food, Culture, Nature and Heritage in more than 50 countries worldwide, with local and multi-cultural hosts. Moreover, the shows capture every frame of beautiful reality in pristine 4K and HD quality.

Freeview viewers can look forward to some of Travelxp’s most popular shows under each important category. The Destination category includes episodes about destinations from popular series like Backpack, Off The Grid, Glimpses, Xplore World, Xplore India, XP Guide, City Breaks, Nordic Quest, Summer Escapes and special series on Nepal – Hope Never Dies. The Lifestyle category includes episodes from top series like Unwind, Bliss, World Spas, Great World Hotels, Great Indian Hotels, Best From The Rest, Cruise XP, Tracking Royalty, and more.

Food is both a popular past time as well as a passion and shows about Food include episodes based on local, regional, national and international cuisines, dishes and delicacies from popular Travelxp shows like Strictly Street seasons 1 and 2, Food Fact Fun, Food Highway, Quest and Foodicted, among others. The Culture category includes episodes from popular Culture-based series like Divine Destinations, World Festivals, The Special Mount Kailash Series, special culture series like Hornbill Festival, Desert Sunset, Rann Utsav, Fair@Pushkar, Spring Fun, and much more.

The Nature category includes episodes from popular series like Bada Weekend, Hills & Valleys, and much more, and the Heritage category includes episodes from exquisite series like World Heritage, Landmarks and more.

Bahl, who leads Travelxp UK from its Greater London office, said, “We will also produce engrossing and quality content locally in the UK. With our creative and technical excellence, our locally produced content will truly reflect the beauty, spirit and soul of beautiful UK, which we shall showcase in all its splendour.

“We shall go all out to inform consumers across the UK that Travelxp is here,” Bahl said, adding, “A TV campaign will play out on mainstream Television channels on Digital Billboard Screens across the UK on buses and the Underground, and on Social Media, along with other initiatives.”

Travelxp is entering the UK at a time when most if not all televisions across TV homes have an inbuilt Freeview tuner that enables each to receive the platform’s channels. Moreover, documentary/lifestyle is one of the two most popular genres amongst television viewers in the UK.

So, with all the international multi-cultural, entertaining and informative travel content from Travelxp, mainstream audiences on Freeview across the UK are in for a delightful viewing experience.

About Travelxp:

Travelxp is an initiative of Celebrities Management Private Limited, India, and Media Worldwide Limited, UK with interest in broadcast, advertising, media consulting and other related services. The company operates 10 (ten) satellite channels across the globe across its group companies. Travelxp is the world’s leading travel channel and launched Travelxp 4K, the world’s first 4K HDR channel in North America & Europe in collaboration with SES and Eutelsat respectively.


Sumant Bahl, 0208 869 0011

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World’s leading travel channel Travelxp will delight 16mn viewers across UK on Freeview from 30 April.

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Sumant Bahl, 0208 869 0011