Corwin Announces Acquisition of John Hattie’s Visible Learningplus Model of School Change

Acquisition of professional learning model based on world’s largest evidence base in K-12 education positions Corwin at forefront of evidence-based school change movement

LOS ANGELES--()--Ever since the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in 2015, “evidence” has become both a mantra and a talisman for U.S. education efforts to advance student achievement. One of the foremost researchers at the center of the evidence-based school reform movement is Australian-based professor John Hattie, whose body of work known as the Visible Learning research is recognized as the world’s largest evidence base of those strategies and innovations that have the greatest impact on student learning. Today, Corwin announced the acquisition of Visible Learningplus, the school change model based on Hattie’s research, from the New Zealand-based Cognition Education Group.

The move cements Corwin’s position as a leading global provider of evidence-based professional learning and, significantly, now allows more widespread access to Visible Learning practices through Corwin’s presence in North America and Australia, their existing licensees in the UK (Osiris Education), Scandinavia (Challenging Learning), and the Netherlands (Bazalt and Onderwijs-Advies) as well as future global partners.

“I am delighted to partner with Corwin, and together, advance the full impact of the Visible Learningplus model across the globe,” said Hattie. “I was first drawn to Corwin because of the organization’s deep commitment to rigorous research and record of service—it’s why we selected Corwin as the exclusive North American partner for Visible Learningplus in 2013 and our exclusive partner in Australia in 2015. Since then, I’ve observed firsthand their unwavering respect for the importance of independent research to inform education policy and practice, which has confirmed for me that Corwin is the best possible partner and permanent home for my lifework.”

“Corwin’s mission has always been to help all educators realize their greatest impact through sustained professional learning,” said Mike Soules, president of Corwin. “Now, as John Hattie’s global partner and the official provider of Visible Learningplus around the world, we can work with education practitioners and policymakers across the globe to provide teachers and systems with a process for ongoing, data-driven professional learning, shifting the focus from teaching to learning.”

Hattie rose to prominence in the evidence-based school change movement through the meta-analyses he conducted to analyze the impact of individual factors influencing student achievement across multiple studies. The resulting Visible Learning research now represents the world’s largest evidence base on what works best in schools to improve learning, spanning more than 1,400 meta-analyses of 90,000 individual research studies, involving more than 250 million students around the world. To date, Hattie has identified 250 factors that influence student achievement.

Said Hattie, “With Corwin as our global partner, we have a real chance to make professional learning an effective tool for teachers to continuously improve their craft and give every student the opportunity to achieve her or his potential.”

Thanks to this partnership and its commitment to continuing this critical research, generations to come will be able to rely on Corwin for the essential insights on what works best in teaching and learning, and tools that enable them to evaluate their own impact on student learning.

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Release Summary

Corwin announces acquisition of Visible Learningplus, a professional learning model recognized as the world's largest evidence base in K-12 education.


Katie Stoddard, 805-358-5261