CORRECTING and REPLACING Reallocating Hundreds of Billions Worth of Online Traffic

MERCULET, Chief Growth Officer for global entrepreneurs

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MERCULET, Chief Growth Officer for global entrepreneurs

How user’s value and company’s value flow?

Who are the real owners of the Internet? Who creates the value in this information age?

Time Magazine has given an explicit answer: You!

Yes, the owners of the Internet are you! Every user, every single Internet surfer, and every human being.

In 2006, the Time’s Person of the Year selection, all Internet users were named. The cover page glittered with the following compliment: “You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world.”

Eleven years have passed, user-generated Internet content keeps growing explosively and has a much more significant influence on the world we are living, however, have we controlled the digital world that we created? Various social media platforms are now worth hundreds of billions of dollars, the valuation based on content created by users and interaction in between users, but all the money flows to centralized corporations, and we have not rewarded even a penny for what we have created.

On the other side, in this information explosion era, the attention of users is gradually becoming scarce resources and is gathered more and more around the top tier content creators. This is causing companies to lose growth potential, and new customer acquisition is becoming harder and more expensive for both start-ups and big enterprises. What’s worse is the accelerating loss of users, the fact that platforms cannot retain users poses a massive challenge for company’s sustainability.

Give to the users the value that is users’, and to the companies the value that is companies’

How to get out of the current situation while companies’ and users’ value are in a loss-loss situation? The answer lies in this emerging internet revolution – blockchain. Championing concepts like ‘tampering-proofing truth’, ‘smart contract’, ‘trust based on coding and math’, and blockchain technology can turn value exchange into reality instead of merely information exchange.

Merculet was created to lead the transformation of turning the information-based internet into the value-based internet.

Being Chief Growth Officer of global entrepreneurs, Merculet uses blockchain technology to convert attention into token so that individual user’s value can be recognized precisely. Users pay attention, corporates assess the value of users’ attention, convert it to a part of corporate’s value chain and then reward the users accordingly.

Users will be doing what they have already been doing in the past decade, and the only difference is that they will be rewarded. By doing so, users and corporates are genuinely bonded together and fosters health and sustainable growth.

Merculet will reshuffle the global Internet traffic flows and enable numerous emerging companies to grasp this precious growth opportunity.

Merculet’s value conversion system

Can we realize the beautiful future painted by Merculet?

Merculet has built Attention Value Network based on attention, using open protocol groups to connect demand and supply of attention.

On the one hand, this equips entrepreneurs a wide range of strategies for user operation, on the other hand, this provides real user data and application scenarios to existing public chain projects to facilitate the efficiency and efficient value conversion on the Internet.

Moreover, Merculet comes up with User Attention Value assessment system to scientifically measure the value of users’ attention and connect that with the traditional scoring system. Merculet provides comprehensive solutions to help entrepreneurs issue their tokens to compensate users. (Tokens used within the network, cannot be traded on a token exchange market) These tokens are called UAT (User Attention Token). In the future, every entrepreneur can connect to the network and issue their UAT, based on the cornerstone token of this system, and an individual entrepreneur can collaborate and exchange value within the ecosystem built up by Merculet.

Last but not least, Merculet is built on a consensus-based open source blockchain platform to solve problems related to the genesis of attention. Merculet adopts multi-chain, multi-asset, multi-level architecture to balance massive actions of Internet users, abundant limbo states, and functional problems of the bottom layer public chain. The individual user will have to be self-motivated to join this transparent ecosystem because they will finally get awarded for the value they have been generating. All the users are inspired to work together to facilitate the virtuous circle of the global content ecosystem.

The Future is coming, Merculet is exerting large-scale impacts in one to two years

Most blockchain projects have a project cycle of five to ten years, why it only takes one to two years for Merculet to exert a large-scale impact on massive Internet users and corporates?

First for foremost, it is because Merculet has a reliable and experienced team. The founder Mengjun Jiang is widely known as the “Reid Hoffman of China”. During his many years working in Silicon Valley, he was a significant person-in-charge of HP’s data management platform and a new generation data center. He also used to be chief engineer of SAP, and the first representative of SAP cloud accelerator in China. His background in technology enabled him to sense the disruption blockchain technology can cause to the Internet as a whole, especially marketing strategy. He partnered with elites from Alibaba, HP, SAP, Netease and other world-class tech companies, including Shenjun Zhang, Bo Gao, Haibo Li, Yunfeng Ru, Jun He, Xiangbin Wu, Zhe Shen, Hui Cheng and Xiaojun Hu to work together to realize the vision of Merculet.

In addition, Merculet also has the founder of Danhua Capital, professor of Stanford University, and a fellow of US National Academy of Sciences, Shou-Cheng Zhang, as well as founder of Fenbushi Capital, Bo Shen as Merculet’s advisors.

Merculet project is dedicated to expand globally and form a diverse worldwide partnership. Currently, it has partnered with Elex, a firm specializes in oversea video game releases for years; Solo Ads, which has many years of experience in oversea internet traffic operation, advertisement commercialization, and consumer product matrix. Moreover, Merculet has formed a strategic partnership with a number of applications that have tremendous user base both domestically and internationally. These applications cover approximately four to five hundreds of million users.

Merculet’s partner list is growing steadily and continuously. Merculet will work with more than ten content-based and traffic-based companies for superior quality content in media, gaming, film-television, and digital publication industries. Merculet will provide them with an all-in-one solution package so that they can embrace blockchain and collaborate with Merculet to build the value network together.

The future of Merculet is promising: by the end of 2018, Merculet will have a sizable impact by forming a strategic partnership with thousands of start-ups all around the world and bringing around eight hundred million users into the blockchain age.

For the first time in human history, the hundreds of billions worth of online content and traffic created by us will be shared by us all together.

This is Merculet! The global Chief Growth Officer is coming for the Internet of Blockchain Value!

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Merculet uses blockchain technology to transform the relations of production. It allows users to add financial value to their attention.


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