Boston’s First Blockchain Community Launches Free Blockchain Training

High-tech “Genesis Block” offers free training to government, businesses, and the public

BOSTON--()--Boston’s blockchain innovation hub GENESIS BLOCK, in collaboration with Bitcoin Market Journal and WeWork Boston, announced today the historic launch of Blockchain Lunch and Learn, a free educational series designed to explain the blockchain in “plain English” to local businesses, government officials, and the public. The first training session will be held Wednesday, March 14, with new sessions to follow every other week.

“Our goal is to make blockchain user-friendly,” explained John Hargrave, publisher of Bitcoin Market Journal, a website for blockchain investors. “Our training courses explain blockchain technology with simple examples that everyone can understand. You shouldn’t need a Ph.D. to understand how to invest in bitcoin.”

The first training session will be taught by Hargrave and Michael Sullivan, CEO of blockchain real estate company Real Estate Chain. “Our training room holds 25 people,” said Sullivan. “Over 250 people signed up. There is such incredible demand for learning about blockchain that we literally can’t find enough space to hold everyone.”

To satisfy the demand, additional training sessions will be offered at:

  • Blockchain West: March 26 in San Francisco
  • Blockchain East: October 14 in New York
  • Blockchain in Healthcare: August 14 in Washington, D.C.
  • World Crypto Con: October 31 in Las Vegas

Genesis Block is also answering the demand with private training sessions for organizations ranging from Fidelity Investments to local Rotary Clubs. To book a blockchain training session for your community or business, please see:

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About Genesis Block

Genesis Block is Boston’s premiere blockchain coworking space, with over a dozen blockchain companies, entrepreneurs, and investors including blockchain consultancy Etheralabs, blockchain lab Level K, blockchain real estate firm Real Estate Chain, blockchain community organizers CoCreateX, and blockchain marketing firm Media Shower. We hold free meetups to educate the public on the use of blockchain in government, education, and investing.


Bitcoin Market Journal
Cliff Robinson

Release Summary

Genesis Block, Boston’s blockchain innovation hub and community, launches free educational series for local businesses, government, and investors.


Bitcoin Market Journal
Cliff Robinson