Attention Economy Propels Companies of All Sizes to Prioritize Video Marketing

Magisto Announces YouTube Partner Certification To Help Companies Accelerate Video Creation and Scale Video Marketing on YouTube

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An example of the kind of video creative startups and small businesses can make using nothing but a mobile device and Magisto.

MENLO PARK, Calif.--()--Today, Magisto is announcing that they are a YouTube Video Content Creation Certified Partner. As a Certified YouTube Partner, Magisto is working with businesses to industrialize video creation with the speed, quality and efficiency needed to actualize the potential of video marketing as a vehicle for business storytelling and customer acquisition.

In a recent report, Magisto found that companies will spend an estimated $135 billion on digital video this year. This spend is being fueled by a growing need to drive meaningful engagement and cut through the melee of consumer messages. But this requires that they show authenticity and create connection among the noise. This struggle to capture and convert scarce consumer attention is pushing them increasingly toward online video.

But while video was once the domain of large corporations with sizable production budgets and dedicated production resources, Magisto’s A.I.-powered video creation application is allowing businesses of all sizes to leverage online video as a mode of personal expression, creating compelling brand stories with the speed and agility required of modern marketers.

YouTube offers these businesses a platform for driving brand narratives through video to a continually growing number of consumers. On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-34 year olds than any TV network, pulling in 30 million visitors and 5 billion videos viewed per day. By partnering with video creation tools like Magisto, YouTube is creating a path for more businesses to create and manage video, making it a more accessible and powerful medium for reaching consumers.

“Many marketers are still grappling with finding reliable growth engines and a repeatable go-to-market strategy that resonates with consumers who are more inundated with marketing messages than ever before. This is pushing more brands to video for its ability to connect with consumers,” said Oren Boiman, CEO of Magisto. “By becoming a certified video creation partner with YouTube, we can make video marketing an accessible and efficient tool for creating that growth through YouTube’s massive reach. Millions of movies have been shared directly from Magisto to YouTube, with hundreds of millions of video views, totaling nearly three centuries worth of Magisto content viewed on YouTube alone.”

Magisto offers an editing style specifically designed for YouTube, as well as integration with Google Drive. Users can upload video clips and photos, produce video creative, optimize content, and publish directly to YouTube, without ever leaving the Magisto app.

The YouTube Certified program is dedicated to educating their top enterprise partners, brands, agencies and professional creators on the latest best practices and industry-level knowledge to help individuals and companies succeed on the platform.

For more information or to get started with Magisto for Business, visit or Magisto on YouTube.

About Magisto

Magisto is the world’s most popular smart video storytelling application that uses Emotional Sense Technology™ patented story detection to automatically analyze and edit raw video footage and photos into produced personal movies and professional marketing videos. Businesses use Magisto to create and deploy video marketing creative with unprecedented ease, agility and speed. Magisto is available for iOS, Android and the Web. It’s not magic, it’s Magisto. For more information, visit, or find us @magisto.


104 West Partners for Magisto
Alissa Bushnell


104 West Partners for Magisto
Alissa Bushnell