Tribitor Partners with Fitness Expert Dolvett Quince to Tell Health Conscious Food Lovers ‘Cheat Meals Happen’

Celebrity trainer endorses product that reduces the glycemic index of high-carb meals, allowing the occasional indulgence with fewer consequences

DENVER--()--Tribitor®, the breakthrough health supplement clinically proven to reduce the glycemic index of high-carb meals, has partnered with fitness/nutrition expert and TV personality Dolvett Quince to help health-conscious consumers understand how to stick to their fitness goals despite an occasional misstep.

“To promote this amazing product, we wanted to work with someone who understands how challenging getting and staying in shape can be for people,” said Rob Insinger of Adiuvo Investments Inc., which markets Tribitor in the United States. “Dolvett is an excellent fit for this product – as he appreciates the discipline it takes to get and stay in top shape – and that includes understanding that once in a while everyone stumbles.”

Tribitor is designed to keep people from becoming discouraged when those occasional stumbles occur, Insinger said. When taken with a small amount of water just 15 minutes before a carbohydrate-rich meal, the all-natural supplement helps reduce the meal’s glycemic index, reducing the negative consequences of the meal’s carbs and refined sugars. A lower glycemic index means fewer post-meal spikes of glucose and insulin in the blood, which can help people maintain their health goals. Tribitor aids in the reduction of:

  • Post-meal energy slumps
  • Sugar cravings
  • Late-night snacking
  • Belly fat and the path to obesity

“I like to advocate ‘no excuses’ when working with clients,” said Quince, “but that’s just not always realistic for the everyday individual working one or multiple jobs, raising a family and struggling to get or stay fit. If people are going to maintain their healthy lifestyle commitment, it is crucial to find ways to avoid discouragement. That’s why I love and passionately endorse Tribitor.”

Tribitor contains a patent-pending combination of all-natural plant extracts. It contains white bean, white mulberry and green coffee extracts standardized and confirmed to have high amounts of active substances clinically proven to reduce the glycemic index of foods. In addition, Tribitor is gluten-free and friendly to vegan and vegetarian diets, Insinger said.

“I’m passionate about recommending Tribitor to people as part of their commitment to healthy living,” said Quince. “It’s very difficult to stay perfectly aligned with all of your diet and fitness goals. Now you can enjoy an occasional indulgence and not worry about it destroying the progress you’ve made. Who doesn’t love that concept?”

The reduction of food’s glycemic index is an essential component in all healthy and weight loss diets recommended by dietitians. Tribitor has been clinically tested in compliance with Good Clinical Practice and World Health Organization standards through trials performed on real meals and meal sets, such as rice, noodle soup, bread, cereals, corn chips and soda, yogurt and muffins. According to Insinger, Quince will be used in advertisements including print, online and video media – and will serve as an occasional spokesperson on behalf of Tribitor.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Dolvett,” Insinger said. “There are a lot of supplements out there making wild claims, but very few of these products meet the strict standards of clinical testing. Tribitor is used and endorsed by Dolvett and other personal trainers because it actually works – and consumers love knowing that they are using something that truly helps them meet their goals.”

Tribitor can be purchased via or at the company’s website:


For Tribitor
Jim Dissett, 303-532-7392

Release Summary

Breakthrough product Tribitor partners with TV fitness / nutrition expert Dolvett Quince to tell health-conscious food lovers ‘Cheat Meals Happen.’


For Tribitor
Jim Dissett, 303-532-7392