Guy Smith Announces Candidacy for Governor of Connecticut

Smith brings new ideas and a fresh voice to Governor’s race; vows to promote and protect the future of Connecticut as a great place to live and work

NEW HAVEN, Conn.--()--Democrat Guy Smith, a Greenwich resident (, announced that he is running for Governor of Connecticut today at the Dr. Reginald Mayo Early Childhood School.

Smith is running for Governor with the promise to promote Connecticut—promote and create jobs, promote and expand the state’s economy, and make sure all citizens throughout the state can live, work, and thrive.

Smith is also running to protect its citizens from policies and programs imposed by the Trump-Republicans that are designed to hurt people, especially the people of Connecticut.

“We are blessed to be living and working in Connecticut and there are wonderful opportunities in our state, but I’m worried about our future,” Smith said. “Far too many people no longer see opportunity here, and Hartford is failing us wherever we turn.

“Frankly, the governing class in Connecticut has let our people down,” he said. “I am not part of the governing class. I am running for Governor to get Connecticut’s economy moving again, to create jobs, and to make Connecticut work for everyone. My campaign is about growth and job creation, protecting the interests of Connecticut’s families and declaring that Connecticut is back in business. I’m asking every citizen today to join the cause and together we will be successful.”

Smith said: “Unions are not the enemy. Teachers are not the enemy. State workers are not the enemy. Much to the contrary - together we can solve every issue facing us. And a Smith Administration will make its mark bringing people together and bringing our state together.”

Smith said he will continue to work on prison reform, especially fine-tuning prison education to help those emerging back into society to find jobs. Smith also noted the need for additional vocational technical schools in the urban communities of Connecticut.

“We are not going to raise taxes. We have enough taxes,” Smith said, calling for better and more modern business, finance, and management techniques in state government.

Smith said: “Additionally, we are going to flip Connecticut from a ‘giver’ state to a ‘taker’ state,” observing that for every $1 of Federal taxes sent to Washington only 80 cents comes back, where states like Alabama or Tennessee see a return of $1.20 to $1.30 on each dollar they send to Washington. “We are going to change that,” he said. “Why should Alabama get more than we do?”

“We’re not going to have a state government that works to harm people,” he said. “What we’re seeing right now from the Trump-Republicans, from the Trump-Congress, with the Trump tax scam, are all actions designed to hurt many people and to hurt people in the State of Connecticut. I’m calling on every Connecticut Republican office holder to renounce this Trump-Republican hurtful governance. And if they will not renounce the Trump-Republicans then they are complicit in causing this harm. I will be looking for this every day.”

Smith offers relevant and important experience for the job that no other candidate in the race possesses. He has worked at the highest level in the Federal government and for a Federal poverty agency (Appalachian Regional Commission) commissioned to assist people in need. Smith directed one of the world’s leading disaster and medical relief nonprofit organizations—Connecticut-based AmeriCares. He also worked as a senior officer at two global corporations—the most recent, Diageo, which is headquartered in Norwalk, for 17 years. Smith was also Special Advisor to the President during the Clinton Administration, and served as Special Advisor on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.

“I have a track record of successfully bringing people together and solving very difficult and complex problems,” Smith said. “I know how to work with people to solve the problems facing our state today.” Smith is the author of the book, If It’s Not Impossible, It’s Not Interesting.

For more information, visit: or connect with Guy Smith on Facebook:, Instagram: @guysmith4ct, and Twitter: @guysmith4ct.

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