Cinedigm’s CONtv Launches 24/7 Channel on Twitch

The 24/7 channel provides Twitch with a wide range of fan-centric pop culture TV/film programming from Digimon Adventure and Ultraman to Dragon Age: Redemption and Legend of the Fist

LOS ANGELES--()--Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) announced today that it has rolled out a 24/7 channel of its OTT service CONtv on the popular social video service Twitch. The new Twitch channel ( reflects Cinedigm’s ongoing commitment to redefining the television viewing experience by providing viewers with both a “lean-back” and a curated on-demand option.

CONtv is the premier digital network devoted to the fanspace, offering an original slate of programming, as well as a vast digital catalog of over 2,800 must-watch film and TV titles, encompassing sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime, cult, grindhouse and comic con coverage. The 24/7 linear offering on Twitch will feature a variety of the fan-centric content aligned with the streaming service’s audience.

Twitch, the world’s leading social video service and community for video game culture, has expanded in recent years to feature a broader mix of content, including programmatic TV marathons. Twitch offers a whole new way to experience the programming by watching the shows simultaneously with the community and chat with other fans. CONtv’s 24/7 Twitch channel taps into the community’s positive response to shared viewings of televised content by featuring a wide range of pop culture-driven films and TV shows. The initial programming features episodes from shows such a, Digimon Adventure, Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Ultraman, 21 Jump Street, and Highlander, to films like 22 Bullets, Dead Before Dawn, Dragon Age: Redemption, Legend of the Fist, Night of the Living Dead (color), and Little Shop of Horrors. This is only a small snapshot of the content that will be aired from CONtv’s extensive library.

Content on Twitch can either be viewed live or via video on demand with more than 15 million daily active visitors who tune into over 2 million unique content creators each month. Viewers are also able to converse with each other in real time via the chat window, adding the social component to the Twitch experience.

“Twitch's highly engaged, passionate fanbase is the perfect place to extend CONtv,” said Erick Opeka, EVP & GM of Cinedigm Networks. “We’re excited to share our commitment to a great Fandom experience with Twitch’s viewers, and engaging with them on a level never before seen in traditional television.”

The deal comes amidst Cinedigm’s recent announcements expanding its world-class OTT offerings to Amazon Fire, Google’s Chromecast platform, and Android TV. These latest developments will expand the reach of Cinedigm channels to over 60+ million potential consumers.

About Cinedigm

Cinedigm powers custom content solutions to the world’s largest retail, media and technology companies. We provide premium feature films and series to digital platforms including iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon, cable and satellite providers including Comcast, Dish Network and DirecTV, and major retailers including Walmart and Target. Leveraging Cinedigm’s unique capabilities, content and technology, the Company has emerged as a leader in the fast-growing over-the-top channel business, with four channels under management that reach hundreds of millions of devices while also providing premium content and service expertise to the entire OTT ecosystem.

About CONtv

CONtv is a digital entertainment network devoted exclusively to the fanspace that provides audiences access to thousands of hours of content showcasing an original slate of programming, as well as an eclectic catalog of over 1,200 must-watch titles. Everything from quirky original series, elusive cult films & television shows, celebrated genre movies encompassing sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime, grindhouse, martial arts action, to exclusive live coverage of Comic Con events nationwide, all available on-demand either in a free, ad-supported format or a subscription-based model for premium content. Together, CONtv provides an unrivalled hub of content and community across the broad spectrum of devices including Android and Mac iOS, Samsung Smart TV, the web, and mobile and tablet devices. For more information, visit

About Twitch

Twitch is the world’s leading social video service and community for gamers. Each day, millions of community members gather to watch, talk, and chat about shared interests. Twitch’s video service is the backbone of both live and on-demand distribution for all types of content, including the entire video game ecosystem, the creative arts, vlogging (IRL), and more. Twitch also runs TwitchCon, the annual convention for celebrating the Twitch community. For more information about Twitch, visit our Press Center, Twitter feed (#Twitch), and Blog.



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Jill Newhouse Calcaterra, 310-466-5135