Securus Publishes Results of Patent Portfolio Analysis Completed by Three (3) Independent Intellectual Property Consulting Firms

Securus Patent Portfolio Has Substantially More Value, Greater Size/Coverage, Is More Significant, and Higher Quality Than Global Tel*Link’s Patent Portfolio

Innography Analysis Indicates Securus’ Patent Strength is Almost 3X as Great as GTL’s

DALLAS--()--Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, announced that it engaged three (3) independent consulting firms to analyze its patent portfolio against the patent portfolio of Global Tel*Link (GTL), and is presenting the results of those studies again to our customers, lenders, and associates/employees.

We issued a formal ‘Patent Portfolio Bake Off’ Challenge to GTL that went unanswered so we did something that was even better, I believe,” said Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies.

We used our outside counsel to engage three (3) independent, well-known, intellectual property consulting firms to compare and contrast our patent portfolio with GTL’s patent portfolio. Outside counsel did not disclose who their client was, so the comparison was independent, intellectually honest, and non-biased,” said Smith. “Counsel didn’t even tell the consulting firms what the list of patents was for each company. Securus didn’t provide any help or assistance to aid their analysis at all.”

The key findings of the studies are provided below:



Key Findings

Study 1

• Securus’ worldwide active patent portfolio is 1.8X the size of GTL’s

• Securus has over 2X more US based grants than GTL

• Securus has more filings than GTL in every jurisdiction common to both parties

• Securus’ portfolio is cited 5X more than GTL by other parties

• Securus’ portfolio was developed over a longer period of time

• GTL cites Securus’ portfolio 10X more than Securus cites GTL patents

• Securus has 3X the number of US grants ranked “excellent” and “good”

• Securus has more US grants ranked “excellent” and “good” than GTL in every technology category

• Securus’ US portfolio covers a broader range of technologies than GTL’s

Study 2

Innography is widely used in the patent industry as a way to measure patent strength in an environment of litigation. Think of Innography as a measurement of a patent portfolio’s “value” in a litigation environment. Innography measures these components:


• Age of patent

• Remaining life

• Published year

• Year filed

• Relevance

• Number of patents

• Number of citations

• Number of claims

• Patent strength score

• Number of inventors

• Jurisdiction (country)

• And more


• Based on the above Innography Analysis, Securus’ cumulative patent strength score was 8040 versus the GTL cumulative score of 2445. So, Securus is the clear winner.

Study 3 This patent portfolio analysis reviews these components:

• Number of patents

• Assignee analysis

• Priority, filing and publication trend

• Geographical pressure

• Patent overall scores

• Litigation analysis

• Patent classification


• Based on the above components, the cumulative Securus score was 6820 versus the GTL score of 3225. So, Securus was the clear winner.


The three (3) independent patent portfolio analyses clearly show that by virtually any qualitative or quantitative measurement, Securus’ patent portfolio is much stronger, broader, and valuable than the other company’s portfolio,” Smith said.

We did this work, spent this time, and paid a significant amount of money to make clear to everyone that you can use the legal system and file patent infringement cases and patent invalidations to cloud facts for a while, but the truth on the superior numbers and value of our patent portfolio will eventually prevail. I have recently reached out to the CEO of GTL and their owners to close out all existing and future litigation associated with patents. I pray that they will accept our olive branch. If not, we will aggressively pursue the $115 million settlement payment from GTL that I have justified in the past. The future of this litigation is in their hands,” concluded Smith.


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Securus Technologies, Inc.
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