Two Bit Circus and Announce Launch of Two Bit Circus Foundation - Revolutionizing The Way Communities Approach STEAM Learning

Non-Profit Organization Is On A Mission To Transform Science Fairs and STEAM Learning Through Play

LOS ANGELES & FRESNO, Calif.--()--Two Bit Circus, an engineering entertainment company, and (T4T), a non-profit organization that salvages manufactured goods to use for educational projects, today announced the launch of Two Bit Circus Foundation, a non-profit educational organization designed to cultivate the next generation of inventors, advance environmental stewardship and spur community engagement.

As part of the launch, will rebrand as Two Bit Circus Foundation. Two Bit Circus, Inc. will support the organization with funding, resources, staff and intellectual property. The resulting entity, Two Bit Circus Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to revolutionizing the way schools and communities approach STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) learning. T4T’s teacher training programs, learning materials and STEAM lab designs, combined with Two Bit Circus’ unique approach to learning, creates a complete educational solution designed to use technology, entertainment and storytelling to help inspire students. T4T Executive Director Leah Hanes will be Executive Director of Two Bit Circus Foundation.

“T4T has created a program that is accessible to communities and school systems alike,” explained Hanes. “Together with Two Bit Circus we can continue to create exciting, imaginative and interactive learning formats that result in a new world of inspired learners.”

In 2013 Two Bit Circus launched STEAM Carnival, infusing art and creativity into traditional STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects in order to inspire students about the possibilities of STEAM subjects and innovative skills.

“After the first STEAM Carnival, we were deluged with requests from schools, libraries and community centers to produce their own carnivals. The creation of Two Bit Circus Foundation and merger with T4T is a great way to scale these programs and help catalyze students’ interest in STEAM learning,” said Two Bit Circus CEO and Co-founder Brent Bushnell. “We’ve worked with T4T for years, and together our organizations are a complete package to help communities encourage enthusiasm around STEAM.”

T4T uses non-traditional, repurposed materials to build curiosity, experimentation and hands-on engagement. Their in-depth teacher training, DIY-education coursework and expertise helps take the Two Bit Circus Foundation to the next level.

The foundation provides the tools and resources schools need to create their own inspired learners, including the key elements:

  • STEAM Materials: Collecting and converting manufacturers’ clean waste into consumable materials that support STEAM learning.
  • STEAM Lab Design: A space outfitted with tools, materials and shelving (all made from repurposed materials) that’s perfect for schools, libraries and community centers. Students help design, build and install the lab.
  • Professional Development: Teacher training workshops for pre-K through grade 12 covering how to incorporate STEAM, “maker” methodologies and the engineering design process to cultivate an integrated approach to curriculum development.
  • STEAM Carnival: A guidebook and resources to support communities producing their own STEAM Carnivals. The event serves as a culminating celebration of all things STEAM. In addition to showcasing local projects, students engage in college and career readiness activities, including marketing, videography, sales, event production and project management.

The announcement was kicked off in November at the Two Bit Circus Anti-Gala, where many from the L.A. community gathered to support STEAM in an evening of inspiration, creativity and fun.

To learn more about Two Bit Circus Foundation, or to contribute to the organization, visit

About Two Bit Circus

Two Bit Circus is a location-based entertainment company creating the future of fun. The team of artists, inventors, educators and performers build social games and experiences that aim to inspire, engage and reinvent the way people play. For more information, visit or follow @TwoBitCircus.

About T4T

T4T inspires students, educators, businesses and communities to rethink what others overlook. We rescue manufacturing overruns, discards and castoffs, originally headed for landfill, and re-imagine these items. We are passionate about hands-on learning and we believe that curiosity and experimentation are the core of critical thinking & problem solving. We partner with like-minded educators, sponsors and communities to promote hands-on discovery in science, art, math, literacy and more. For more information, visit

About Two Bit Circus Foundation

Two Bit Circus Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to inspiring the next generation of inventors and change agents. The team of passionate educators and makers empower schools, districts and communities to use the tools of this generation - gaming, coding, hacking and music - along with science, technology, engineering, art and math to ignite an interest in these subjects. Two Bit Circus Foundation repurposes manufacturers’ cast-off waste as classroom materials, provides teacher professional development, builds STEAM labs and equips communities with resources to host their own STEAM Carnivals. This combination of futuristic thinking and environmental stewardship is what fuels the Two Bit Circus Foundation. For more information, visit or follow @TwoBitCircusOrg.


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104 West for Two Bit Circus
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