Blasting News Has Exceeded 100 Million Readers in January 2017

Less than four years after its launch

Months it took to reach 100 million active monthly users (Photo: Business Wire).

LONDON--()--Blasting News has exceeded 100 million monthly active users in January 2017, establishing itself as the 142nd biggest website in the world (according to Alexa Ranking). A remarkable achievement considering that the media start-up was founded less than four years ago, in mid-2013.

Blasting News - says Andrea Manfredi, Founder & CEO - has been growing faster than any other new-media player in their start-up phase, achieving in under four years, what took best-in-class industry leaders such as BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post over six years to accomplish. As a result, Blasting News has reached 100 million active monthly users in the same amount of time as Snapchat, and faster than Facebook and Twitter.

Extraordinary growth.
More than 2,000 writers are actively contributing to Blasting News every month, possibly being the highest paid newsroom in the world. “And we are still looking for new contributors to grow,” says Andrea Manfredi, CEO of Blasting News, “I encourage journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers to sign up on our platform and get in touch with their national community manager to embrace our success story and explore the opportunities we offer.”

A global approach.
This result has been achieved thanks to a truly global approach: Blasting News has 34 national editions, it publishes news in 25 languages, has a readership that spans across five continents and has offices in six locations (London, Milan, New York, Rome, Sao Paulo, and soon Singapore).

Total quality.
In January, Blasting News received 37,000 news articles from contributors all around the world. From those 37,000 articles, only 23,000 passed the severe screening process and were published. “Fake news is a real problem,” explains Manfredi. “From the very beginning, we have built up technologies and processes to fulfill our mission and serve as an open platform that offers multiple viewpoints of the same story. However, we have zero tolerance toward fake news, click-baiting, and non-human traffic (thanks to a recent partnership with comScore, the worldwide leading traffic analysis company). Our results are proof that our system is successful.”

Made by the People, for the People.
Blasting News content is produced by freelance contributors all around the world. "The key reason we've grown so fast is that our news gives a unique window into what people are truly interested in and passionate about,” says Manfredi. “Unlike traditional media organisations, we don't tell people what they should care about. Rather, we use state of the art technology to curate a high quality magazine made by the people, for the people. This huge milestone shows that there is strong global appetite for Blasting News, and we are excited to share this new journalism model with more people around the world."

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About Blasting News

Blasting News is the largest global social news publisher – set up in mid-2013, it is now the 142nd most visited website in the world (Alexa Ranking), thanks to 100+ million monthly unique on-site visitors. Blasting News is made by the people, for the people. News is produced by delocalized freelance contributors (Blasters), fact-checked and curated by a quality team of senior professionals (Senior Blasters). Furthermore, news is distributed by Social Blasters, a global team of top digital influencers. All the processes are fueled by the crowd, without any central newsroom - thanks to an extensive use of technology (the core stages are managed by algorithms, some of which are patent-pending). Blasting News has readers in five continents and offices in London, New York, Sao Paulo, Rome, and soon Singapore.


Elettra PR
Francesca Raimondi


Elettra PR
Francesca Raimondi