UBTECH Unveils Lynx: The Video-Enabled Humanoid Robot With Amazon Alexa

UBTECH’s Award-Winning Robotics Combined With the Power of Amazon Alexa Delivers Lifelike Human-to-Robot Interface

Lynx delivers a humanlike experience with UBTECH’s award-winning robotics combined with the power of Amazon Alexa. (Photo: Business Wire)

LAS VEGAS--()--CES – UBTECH Robotics, the company that created the cutting-edge Alpha Series of humanoid robots, today introduced Lynx: a humanoid robot with Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. Lynx combines UBTECH’s award-winning proprietary robotics with the automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding and search capability of Amazon Alexa, resulting in a lifelike human-to-robot interface. UBTECH will be showcasing Lynx as part of CES in Sands Expo, Hall A-D, booth #42151, January 5–8, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Lynx combines unprecedented intelligence and robotics into one consumer-friendly platform,” said John Rhee, General Manager, North America, UBTECH. “Integrating with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service is a perfect match for Lynx’s unparalleled facial, image and voice recognition, emotion detection, and lifelike robotic movement, seamlessly woven together for a truly humanlike experience.”

Lynx is an in-home companion that features effortless interaction to access seemingly endless resources, with instant gratification for a truly enjoyable in-home or in-office experience. Features of Lynx include:

  • Facial, Presence and Voice Interaction – Program to trigger events such as greetings or music based on who is standing in front of Lynx.
  • Music Mode – Play Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and more with simple voice commands.
  • Task Management – From calendar reminders & emails, to scheduling appointments and dinner reservations.
  • Interaction Mode – Program Lynx to sing and dance on your birthday, among other interactions.
  • Day Planning – Lynx will take reminders for the day and set them up as shared calendar events.
  • Video Access – Access Lynx’s video on the go to check on home, pets and join family events.
  • Audio & Video Interaction and Robotic Action – Place video calls over Wi-Fi.
  • Email & Notes Dictation and Reading
  • Lynx Follow Me – Take pictures, video or live stream while Lynx is with you.
  • Shop Away – Use Lynx to search for and purchase the best deals with just your voice.

“We’re excited to be working with UBTECH to bring the Lynx robot to life with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service,” said Aaron Brown, Director, Amazon Alexa. “Using Lynx, customers will be able to ask Alexa to help with a host of daily tasks to make their day a bit easier – whether it’s setting reminders, playing music, or finding out what the weather will look like tomorrow.”

The arrival of Lynx marks a major leap forward for UBTECH’s dream of putting robots into every home. Lynx will be available for purchase in spring 2017.

For more information on UBTECH and its complete line of robots, please visit ubtrobot.com.

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Donna Loughlin Michaels, 408-393-5575