Aggreko’s Automated Power Control Kit Cuts Fuel Costs by up to 65%

Oil and gas industry could save millions with Aggreko’s power automation technology kit

Aggreko Power Automation package on a single rod pump application in the Permian Basin. (Photo: Business Wire)

HOUSTON--()--Power generation and HVAC specialty rental company Aggreko, plc has launched a unique power automation system that eliminates idling and saves up to 65% in fuel costs.

The unique technology also reduces emissions, regardless of the fuel source.

Aggreko’s scalable power automation systems can be retrofitted on diesel and natural gas generator sets and incorporates a hybrid battery control kit that synchronises stop and start with - programmable logic controls (PLC), tank level switches, thermostat contacts, or any other digital switches. The system is ideal for artificial lift systems (primarily rod pumps and ESPs), midstream pumping stations and de-watering facilities.

The innovative application also increases uptime, as it lowers maintenance needs and reduces failures associated with overheating and excessive idle time. Emissions and diesel consumption can also be reduced by more than 60% by eliminating idling, as demonstrated with an Aggreko midstream customer’s 200hp positive displacement booster pump, moving produced oil from the field by pipeline to gathering facilities. The pump only ran for two hours per day, so Aggreko provided a system that only provided power when required.

A major producer in the Permian Basin also significantly reduced idling after introducing this ‘power on demand’ technology. In this case, diesel generators were running 24/7 and idling most of the time, while serving five wells with 40hp rod pumps operating intermittently. This technology helped the producer achieve its goal to reduce overall lease operating expenses (LOEs). The producer’s five 60KW diesel generators were fitted with Aggreko’s power automation kits and saved $13,000 per pump over six months. This reduced annual diesel costs by 50%, or $130,000 over the five sites. Emissions were also reduced more than 50% while maximizing uptime and extending generator maintenance schedules.

“The need to reduce wasteful spending practices is more imperative than ever before in the oilfield,” said David Dickert of Aggreko. “Power automation demonstrates Aggreko’s commitment to help the oil and gas industry find innovative ways with our technology to significantly reduce costs, while also improving operating efficiencies.”

The company’s technical experts monitor the performance of the power automation system via proprietary Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) – a real-time monitoring and diagnostic service - to ensure everything runs at peak efficiency.

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