Fidelity® and Peak Advisor Alliance to Offer Complimentary Training Program to Help Advisors Drive Growth

New eLearning Exchange Collaboration Offers Access to Online Training, One-On-One Coaching and Peer Learning Opportunities Catered to Advisors’ Unique Challenges and Learning Styles

Fidelity and Peak Advisor Alliance to Offer Complimentary Training Program to Help Advisors Drive Growth. (Graphic: Business Wire)

OMAHA, Neb. & BOSTON--()--Peak Advisor Alliance and Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions (FCCS), the division of Fidelity Investments that provides clearing and custody to registered investment advisors (RIAs), retirement recordkeepers, broker-dealer firms, banks and insurance companies, today introduced the eLearning Exchange, a new program that offers access to Peak’s online resource portal and one-on-one coaching, as well as peer learning opportunities to advisors. Peak Advisor Alliance, a leading financial advisor coaching and consulting program serving nearly 1,100 advisory firms across the country1, has helped develop the eLearning Exchange to offer advisors who clear or custody with Fidelity access to Peak’s training on a variety of topics to help get them future-ready. Topics range from client segmentation, referrals and recruiting to client experience and business continuity.

The collaboration resulted from Fidelity research and client conversations which indicated that advisors are looking for more training and personalized coaching on a wide range of challenge areas in their businesses. In seeking to extend Fidelity’s existing Practice Management and Consulting offering and content to a broader range of clients via a streamlined and instructional design format, Fidelity turned to Peak.

“From ongoing business concentration to evolving investor preferences, this is a transformational time in our industry, and the continuous changes are keeping advisors up at night,” said David Canter, executive vice president, practice management and consulting, Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions. “One of the best ways to tackle exponential change is to step back and learn new skills. Our goal with this collaboration is to reach a wide range of advisors and offer an opportunity for in-depth training that will help them embrace change, measurably impact growth and take their firm to the next level.”

The eLearning Exchange program offers access to Peak’s online training portal and one-on-one coaching, as well as peer learning opportunities that not only cater to advisors’ individual learning styles, but when combined, create a powerful learning and accountability model.

“Never have the opportunities been greater to succeed as an advisor, nor the distractions to fail. We’re on the eve of experiencing a new competitive landscape in our profession, making it all the more crucial for advisors to continually seek knowledge and new ideas on how to improve their businesses and sustain meaningful growth,” said Ron Carson, Founder and CEO of Peak Advisor Alliance. “Participating in a program like eLearning Exchange – and having access to a passionate community of growth-minded individuals – allows advisors to think more strategically about the future of their businesses while also generating tangible results that impact the bottom line.”

Notes to Editors

  • The eLearning Exchange program, sponsored by Fidelity Investments, offers a customized version of Peak’s online learning portal containing content from Peak and Fidelity, a community of fellow advisors and coaching from Peak. The program and the new instance of Peak’s online portal were created exclusively for Fidelity clients.

  • The program will be available to clients of Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions starting in January 2017. Clients can reach out to their relationship managers today to receive information about how to register.
  • Starting in January, advisors who clear or custody with Fidelity can enroll with Peak to access the program’s online portal for complimentary on-demand lessons at any time.
  • Peak’s one-on-one coaching and the peer learning opportunities will be rolled out nationally following Fidelity’s regional Inside Track events throughout 2017, where pre-conference workshops will be dedicated to the program and allow advisors to sign-up on-site.
  • Following the Inside Track workshops, groups of approximately 10-15 advisors will attend ongoing Advisor Exchange Calls with their enrolled peers and have unlimited access to Peak’s online platform and the program lessons. They will also receive three complimentary one-on-one coaching opportunities with a Peak Advisor Alliance Executive Business Coach.
  • The program will offer Fidelity clients actionable resources and training on topics like maximizing the value of their firm, recruiting great people, segmenting clients, the art of referrals and developing a detailed continuity plan, with new trainings and topics being released quarterly via Peak’s platform and Advisor Exchange Calls.
  • The Fidelity relationship managers who work one-on-one with Fidelity advisors will also participate in the program in order to deepen their first-hand knowledge in navigating situations that advisors are seeing each and every day: running a business, succession planning, recruiting and retaining talent, income and equity, driving growth and referrals and more.
  • For additional information on the eLearning Exchange program, advisors can read more here or contact their Fidelity relationship managers.

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About Peak Advisor Alliance
Peak Advisor Alliance is the country’s leading financial advisor coaching and resources program. Founded in 1993 and based on the experience of Barron’s Hall of Fame advisor, Ron Carson, as well as thousands of elite advisors across the country, Peak helps advisors build more profitable businesses, provide exceptional client experiences, and live a principled and fulfilled life. Peak members receive one-on-one and group coaching support; various resources, strategies, systems, and tools; custom marketing services; and participation in a growth-minded community of top advisors. Through this support and guidance, studies have found Peak members grow by 2.5X the industry average, over a two-year period.

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1 Source: Peak Advisor Alliance, as-of September 1, 2016.


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Release Summary

Fidelity and Peak Advisor Alliance introduced the eLearning Exchange, a program that offers access to Peak’s online training and one-on-one coaching, and peer learning opportunities to advisors.


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