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JOHANNESBURG--()--Today Webfluential is launching the first ever quoting engine for social influencers, called Quotes. With well over 10 000 digital creators worldwide using Webfluential to turn their influence into a business, Webfluential keeps delivering on its promise: to build technology that empowers influencers to run their personal brands like businesses.

Quotes technology inside an influencer’s dashboard

Social influencers can now create media kits, build their own professional-looking quotes to send to brands, get pricing guidance, and book their own influencer campaigns - all in one place, their Webfluential dashboard.

Think of it as Freshbooks - the cloud-based invoicing platform for small businesses - but perfectly geared for social influencers.

“At some point in your childhood, you were probably told to be a doctor or a lawyer, or maybe an accountant. Those careers were safe bets back then. But guess what? Times have changed, and there are new, exciting careers for the social-savvy looking to build a business”, says Kirsty Sharman, Head Global Operations at Webfluential.

The explosion of the Internet and the age of social media have shaken up career options. You don’t need to be a Hollywood A-list star to become rich and famous. Bloggers like Kristina Bazan, 22, are earning upwards of a million dollars by working with top brands on their advertising campaigns.

It’s not just influencer marketing that’s on the rise, jobs in fields like UX design, biomedical engineering, and IT specialisation are all in demand, thanks to global connectivity - while jobs that were once safe bets like newspaper reporting and auditing are in decline.

Jobs on the rise: influencer marketing, UX designer, Biomedical engineer, IT specialist

Jobs in decline: switchboard operator, newspaper reporters, auditor, and actuarial science

“Today one of the richest doctors in the world doesn’t look after patients — he looks after a team of developers that built medical booking software to automate waiting rooms. Genius! The guy who was ‘good with numbers’ in your dorm? He ended up structuring a fintech company rather than your friend’s retirement policy,” adds Sharman.

Brands have spotted the trend, and are shifting their marketing budgets to include more campaigns with influencers. A Hootsuite ambassador recently predicted that by 2017, up to 50% of marketing budgets will be allocated to influencer marketing.

“Being a social influencer isn’t just about numbers, then anyone with a credit card could buy followers and be in business. If you started a blog to make money, chances are you won’t. If you started an Instagram account because you’re passionate about your bulldog Pam, then chances are you will make money. The real social stars of today have the perfect mix of personality, fan base and creativity. And that takes work. Just look at Pam, working it,” concludes Sharman.


Read more about Quotes on the Webfluential blog.

Quotes are available today to all Webfluential-accredited influencers and digital creators.


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Social influencers can now create media kits, build their own professional-looking quotes to send to brands, get pricing guidance, and book their own influencer campaigns - all in one place.

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Cara Shepherd