Japanese Revolving Sushi Restaurant Chain, "Muten Kula Sushi" Reopens in Sawtelle, California on June 15

SAWTELLE, Calif. & OSAKA, Japan--()--Kura Corporation (TOKYO: 2695), the Japanese operator of the revolving sushi restaurant chain “Muten Kula Sushi,” currently operates 370 restaurants across Japan. “Kula Sushi USA, Inc.” (KSU) is a consolidated subsidiary of the company that has been expanding mainly in California and is continuing to grow with its new restaurant opened in Plano, Texas in May 2016.

KSU renovated its Sawtelle restaurant, which was originally opened in August 2013, and reopened the establishment on June 15, 2016, with the same system as the one in Japan.

  • When a desired item is not on the conveyor belt, customers can easily place an order using the iPad attached to each table, and the received custom orders will be delivered fresh on the special express belt lane.
  • Using the chain’s original “Mr. Fresh” cover, all plates made in the kitchen are covered and delivered to customers without any contact of others. “Mr. Fresh” allows one to take the plate without touching the cover itself, and always keeps the sushi fresh.
  • Customers can keep the table full of space by inserting the finished plates into the slot on the side of the table.
  • Kid’s favorite prize-winning service called “Bikkura Pon” plays a short animated video on the iPad screen with every five plates inserted into the slot. Once a certain number of plates is reached, customers receive a “Bikkura Pon” prize from the machine.
  • Beyond sushi, the Kula Sushi menu also offers more than 130 kinds of small dishes and noodles, ensuring that the entire party will enjoy the restaurant.

“Our restaurant is delicious, safe and healthy, fun for everyone from children to adults,” says Hajime Uba, the President of KSU. “We opened the very first U.S. location in Irvine, California in 2009, based on the principles of timely service, no MSG, and the unique Japanese culture of ‘taking great care in each step of the process, including the unseen.’ As installing our high-tech food delivery system in both newly opened and renovated stores, I look forward to seeing the customer reactions to Kula’s advanced technology.”

Store Information

Address: 2130 Sawtelle Blvd., Unit 111, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Contact Information: 310-597-4490
Reopening Date: June 15, 2016
Menu: 132 items
Price: All sushi plate $2.25 each (unless noted otherwise)
Parking: 50 spaces available *One hour of parking is free of charge for customers with a meal of $10 (subtotal) or more!

About Muten Kula Sushi

Providing the traditional flavor of fresh sushi, Muten Kula Sushi is a well-known revolving sushi restaurant chain that operates 370 restaurants in Japan, four in Taiwan, and ten in the U.S. As of the fiscal year ending in October 2014, annual sales reached 100 billion yen and welcomed over 100 million customers. The company has taken the lead in the industry by adopting numerous innovative technologies. For instance, each revolving plate has an IC chip installed to manage the items and the quantity of products served, as well as to keep track of the amount of time a given item has been on the conveyer belt. Our unique system also analyzes the visiting customers’ data, allows customers to easily place an order, and satisfies the customer needs in real time. Muten Kula Sushi is proud to be the industry-leading company that leverages innovations!

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Expansion History of Kula Revolving Sushi Bar in U.S.

1st location: Irvine, CA           Sept 1, 2009
2nd location: Los Angeles (Little Tokyo), CA Jan 20, 2012
3rd location: Laguna Hills, CA Mar 3, 2012 (renovated on Aug 7, 2015)
4th location: Torrance, CA May 1, 2012 (renovated on Mar 14, 2016)
5th location: Brea, CA May 18, 2012
6th location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA Aug 3, 2012
7th location: Los Angeles (Sawtelle), CA Aug 30, 2013 (renovated on June 15, 2016)
8th location: San Diego, CA Apr 10, 2015
9th location: Cupertino, CA Jan 10, 2016
10th location: Plano, TX May 13, 2016


Kula Sushi USA, Inc.
Davo Hideomi Eda, (949) 748-1786
Public Relations Manager
Cell: (949) 408-6785
FAX: (949) 748-1796

Release Summary

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar on Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA reopens with all sushi plate at $2.25 each.


Kula Sushi USA, Inc.
Davo Hideomi Eda, (949) 748-1786
Public Relations Manager
Cell: (949) 408-6785
FAX: (949) 748-1796