Consumer Excitement for VR is High: Nearly 7 in 10 American Adults Say They Are Excited about Experiencing VR, According to New Study Released by the Advanced Imaging Society

Entertainment, Travel and ‘Exploring Other Worlds’ Top Consumer Interests

Advanced Imaging Society completes quarterly VR consumer research. Full report is available to Society members. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--Although still in its earliest stages of development, Virtual Reality is capturing the imagination of a wide cross-section of consumers in the U.S., according to research results released today by the Advanced Imaging Society in Hollywood.

In a national survey conducted during April for the Society by Seidmon Associates, New York, 69% of adults between the ages of 18-60 indicated they were “excited about experiencing VR.” The survey of 1000 adults shows high anticipation across age groups, with 73% of men, 65% of women and 78% of gamers looking forward to coming Virtual Reality experiences. The study is the first of a series of “Reality Check” consumer surveys to be conducted by the organization of Hollywood studio and entertainment professionals.

There are several factors that contribute to consumer’s excitement, including an ability to “explore places” they can’t travel to (74%), and an ability to “experience entertainment more deeply” (68%), the study found. “These interests reinforce both the breadth of consumer appeal and the breadth of benefits associated with VR,” stated Steve Seidmon, whose firm conducted the survey.

Of those respondents who had already experienced VR, enthusiasm climbed even higher, with 88% excited about the technology’s benefits. Among gamers, 75% were excited about feeling “like I have super power capability.”

“These results are remarkable for a new entertainment medium,” said Jim Chabin, President of the Advanced Imaging Society. “Significantly, fully two-thirds of respondents reported that they are ‘more excited’ about VR than they were of either HDTV or 3D in their earliest days,” Chabin added. “And across the board, consumers who have already 'experienced VR' are even more enthusiastic,” he added.

VR is highly anticipated by every demographic, including adults 18-29 (72%), age groups 30-44 (70%) and even adults 45-60 (62%). And consumers are interested in VR beyond home entertainment. About 7 in 10 say they would be excited to experience VR in a “nearby movie theater lobby.”

‘"The success of VR to date is creating thousands of stories. Examining how those stories are perceived is crucial to help make the data we need meaningful. This research is invaluable to all of us working in VR as it helps illuminate both what is possible and which obstacles most need to be overcome,” said Roy Taylor, Corporate Vice President of Alliances at AMD. We thank the AIS for their efforts in gathering together these great insights."

There are potential barriers to VR’s success, the biggest being cost. Of consumers who had already experienced VR, 51% expressed some “reluctance” to use VR because headsets were “too bulky” and 68% agreed that VR equipment is “too expensive.”

The online survey was conducted nationwide April 6-10, 2016. The sample was comprised of 500 men and 500 women. A total of 340 adults 18-29, 330 adults 30-44, and 330 adults 45-60 years old were surveyed.

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Advanced Imaging Society Releases Quarterly VR Consumer Research to Its Members: Consumer Excitement for VR is High. Nearly 7 in 10 American Adults Say They Are Excited about Experiencing VR

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