eero Introduces the World’s First Home WiFi System

The eero WiFi System Brings Beautifully-Designed, Enterprise-Grade WiFi to the Home

eero Home WiFi System (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today, eero inc. announced the world’s first home WiFi system is available for purchase. Instead of relying on a single router, multiple eeros connect wirelessly to form a mesh network that blankets your home in fast, reliable WiFi. The eero system is simple to set up and easy to manage using the eero app. Over-the-air software updates give customers new features, performance improvements, and the latest security. Beautiful design encourages customers to put eeros out in the open, which ensures an even stronger WiFi signal.

“We keep adding more connected devices to our networks and streaming more content — WiFi has become a core utility for our homes. Yet, despite the broadband speeds into our homes getting faster and faster, we still don’t have fast, reliable WiFi in every room,” said Nick Weaver, eero co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We started eero to fix home WiFi once and for all. eero is simple to set up, blankets our homes, and gets rid of dead zones and buffering forever.”

A single router can’t provide solid coverage for the average home. You wouldn’t ask a light bulb in your living room, no matter how powerful, to light your entire home. The reason is simple physics: light waves don’t go through walls easily. The same is true of WiFi radio waves. For fast, reliable signal in every room, you need multiple access points placed throughout your home so that you’re always close to one. This is the setup that you’ll find in many larger office buildings with great WiFi. There’s not just one router in the middle of the building; instead, there are Ethernet-wired access points every 15-20 feet, often hidden above the ceiling tiles. Until now, getting this kind of setup at home has been incredibly difficult, requiring expensive equipment, professional installation, and the ongoing attention of an IT professional.

Product Features

  • Simple setup With a few easy steps, eeros wirelessly connect to form a mesh network that blankets every room of your home in strong and stable WiFi.
  • Integrated eero app The app pairs with your first eero using Bluetooth. Once you’ve set up your system, the app allows you to manage your network from the palm of your hand. No matter where you are, you’ll know how many devices are connected to your router. There is also a speed test for your primary eero (the one connected to your modem) built right into the app.
  • Placement tips During setup, the eero app offers tips on where to place your eeros for optimal performance. Every home has a unique blueprint, but proper placement allows you to get signal to any corner of your home, no matter the size or shape. And if you ever have a question about how to get the best coverage, the eero support team is ready to help seven days a week.
  • Security eero will automatically push software updates over-the-air, so you’ll always have the latest security patches to counter evolving threats.
  • Software updates — Automatic updates also bring new features and better performance, meaning your eero system gets better with time.
  • Easy guest access Invite your friends to join your network straight from the eero app — it can be as simple as sending a text. eero also lets you set up an entirely separate guest network with pre-generated passwords, so you can keep your personal password private.
  • Beautiful design Because of the way that WiFi waves are transmitted, routers work best when placed out in the open. eero has a beautiful design with a curved top — and matte sides that make it seem smaller and blend into the environment. No more hiding your WiFi in the closet.

Pricing and Availability
The eero home WiFi system is available today in the U.S. at and Customers can purchase the 3-pack (recommended for the average home) for a suggested retail price of $499, or a single eero for $199. The free eero app is also available today for download through the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

About eero
The first home WiFi system, eero blankets customers’ homes in fast, reliable WiFi. Instead of a single router, eero uses multiple access points placed throughout your home to create a wireless mesh network that covers every room. Founded in 2014, eero seeks to fix home WiFi once and for all. Based in San Francisco, eero is privately funded by First Round Capital, Shasta Ventures, Redpoint Ventures and Playground Global. For more information, visit


Zoz Cuccias, 520-390-6218


Zoz Cuccias, 520-390-6218