The Put and the Pendulum: Factors Affecting the Global Economy in 2016

New paper from Bob Baur outlines Principal Global Investors’ Economic Outlook

DES MOINES, Iowa--()--Principal Global Investors has released the 2016 Economic Outlook, “The Put and the Pendulum,” written by Bob Baur, chief global economist, Principal Global Investors. The paper outlines the different economic trends that Baur sees transitioning over the next year. Much as a pendulum doesn’t return to the same location as it swings, neither will the results of different changes land exactly where expected.

Baur highlights the top trends he sees affecting global markets in 2016:

  • China and emerging markets: China’s economic engagement with important emerging markets has begun to falter
  • Surging commodity prices: surging commodities prices are starting to lose momentum due to the investment boom in China and an increased supply of commodities
  • Non-U.S. labor-pricing power: the pendulum is now swinging away from low-cost labor providers like China
  • The U.S. Credit super-cycle: following the Financial Crisis, there is a movement away from U.S. fast-spending, credit-driven growth, and home-equity borrowing
  • Equities likely have more upside than bonds in 2016. However, the best returns may be in real estate
  • The ‘Greenspan Put’: the Federal Reserve’s use of the federal funds rate to spur the U.S. economy may be losing its effectiveness

“While 2015 has witnessed a rebalancing of growth, we can expect that in 2016 developed economies will continue to improve and become more competitive,” states Baur. “While the forces driving economic ‘pendulums’ are indefinite and harder to predict, we can’t know the end point to which global markets and economies will ultimately take us but we may know the direction.”

Find the full paper, video and other resources at: The Put and the Pendulum

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