Japanese Comics Digital Bookstore "MangaMon" Launched in Indonesia! Also as the Japanese Entertainment Portal Site

Summary (Graphic: Business Wire)

TOKYO--()--eBOOK Initiative Japan Co., Ltd.  (TOKYO:3658) (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; President & CEO: Hitoshi Koide), who operates ebook-selling website, “eBookJapan,” which boasts the largest line-ups of the digital comics in Japan, has launched the Japanese comics digital bookstore, “MangaMon” on November 1st.

“MangaMon” url: http://www.mangamon.id/

“MangaMon” proudly introduces the properly-licensed Japanese comics in digital form (i.e. “ebook”) that are translated into Bahasa-Indonesia in collaboration with Kompas Gramedia group publishers: Elex Media Komputindo and m&c!.

At the same time, “MangaMon” focuses on Japanese entertainment portal site by providing the cutting-edge news from Japan and by offering various events. The three main features of MangaMon are as follows:

1) Japanese comics digital bookstore translated into Bahasa-Indonesia
MangaMon has a vision to offer all of the major Japanese comics. The line-up includes “Angel Heart” which is a very hot topic now in Japan after being made into TV drama. We will soon increase the line-ups published by various major publishers in Japan.

[Payment method]
Users can pay by credit card, mobile carrier charge, and internet banking online, as well as through offline such as ATM and convenience stores, which are available on 100,000+ places.

Comics bought on MangaMon can be read in smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Apps (free of charge!), which are made available for Android, iOS and Windows, will make users read offline after downloading the ebooks. Furthermore, users don’t have to use the apps should they use browser and connect to internet.
(Supports Android from ver. 4.0.0 and from iOS 6)

2) Various alliances with all players related to entertainments
“MangaMon” is committed to foster Japanese entertainment portal function in Indonesia by making alliance with all player related to entertainment field.

“MangaMon” is launched in Indonesia by collaborating with Kompas Gramedia group publishers of Elex Media Komputindo and m&c!. It also features Japanese pop culture news by forming alliance with Jurnal Otaku INDONESIA and KAORI Nusantara.

MangaMon shall further endeavor to form various alliances with Mass media such as TV, radio and magazines, Publishers, Game providers, Talent agencies, and chain of café, as well as Event organizers, Manga circles in universities, Famous cosplayers, and Influential bloggers in Indonesia.

“MangaMon” has started to form alliances in Japan too with companies who introduce Japanese pop culture abroad such as; Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. who runs “Tokyo Otaku Mode”, ALL BLUE inc. who runs “Tokyo Girls' Update”, IID, Inc. who runs “Anime!Anime!”. We plan to run cooperative campaigns and contents provisions.

3) A lot of delightful events and campaigns
• Variety of contests aimed at offering the chance for creation
“MangaMon” plans to host many kinds of contests; Comic contests, Cosplay contests, Character illustration contests, etc. to provide chances of creative activities for new talents. The judges in the first comic contest are editors from Elex Media Komputindo, m&c! and publishers in Japan.

• Luxurious prizes for accumulated rewards points
“MangaMon” offers a rewards points system which you can exchange to goods and vouchers. Users can earn points through four types of opportunities; buying ebooks, tapping the “likes” for books and reviews, answering the questionnaire, getting “likes” pressed for your reviews. For every point stage, we will offer more than 20 kinds of prizes, including a lottery for a 7 days tour to Japan.

Enjoy our new service of “MangaMon,” which shall boost the entertainment market in Indonesia.

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About eBOOK Initiative Japan Co., Ltd.
eBOOK Initiative Japan Co.,Ltd. (eBookJapan) was established on May 17, 2000 in Tokyo, Japan.
eBookJapan operates ebook-selling website, “eBookJapan”, which boasts the largest line-ups of the Japanese comics in ebook format. It is listed in Section #1 of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market since October 2013.


eBOOK Initiative Japan Co., Ltd.
Sayoko Kimoto, 81-3-3518-9544
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eBOOK Initiative Japan Co., Ltd.
Sayoko Kimoto, 81-3-3518-9544
FAX: 81-3-3518-9131