ZTE Takes Consumer Feedback to Heart and Adds Two New Axon Smartphones to Lineup

High-fidelity (Hi-Fi) music services are enjoyed best on any-priced Axon smartphone

RICHARDSON, Texas--()--ZTE USA, the fourth largest smartphone supplier in the U.S. and second largest in the no-contract market*, today announced two new additions of the unlocked Axon phone lineup available today. Joining the current Axon Pro 32GB model will be a 64GB capacity Axon Pro and the Axon. All together the series retains the same screen size and physical dimensions but offers pricing options and varied features based on consumer feedback. Beginning today, the award-winning Axon Pro with 64GB capacity priced at $449.98, and the Axon priced at $329.98 will be available at www.zteusa.com/axon, and other leading online sites like Amazon, eBay and newegg.com.

“ZTE added two new additions to the Axon lineup based on consumer feedback. ZTE is able to offer unique value across several options so that at the end of the day, consumers have more options to choose from and can get what they want,” said Lixin Cheng, chairman and CEO of ZTE USA. “As carriers replace smartphone subsidies with equipment installment plans, we are faced with true costs that make us reevaluate what we are paying for in our smartphones. Axon is able to deliver premium features consumers are used to in flagship phones, but at an affordable price and we’re excited to bring two additional Axon models to the consumer.”

The unlocked smartphone market in the U.S. is expected to grow more than 43 percent in 2016 and make up 16 percent of the total smartphone volume by 2020**. The unlocked Axon series offers choice of wireless carrier including T-Mobile and AT&T, storage options, a variety of colors, protection with the industry leading Axon Passport 1.0 program, and one of the best lease-to-own payment options giving consumers the best assurance of any unlocked phone available today.

The Axon Pro will come in two storage options, either 64GB or 32GB capacity, so consumers can choose the one that matches their lifestyle. Storage capacity is the only feature that varies as both models will incorporate the same 3000 mAh battery, 2K HD displays, and 2.0 GHz Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset. The most affordable of the lineup, Axon, will be equipped with 32GB capacity, FHD display, and a 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset. All three models will feature the latest Android 5.1.1 operating system with support for new Android updates when made available, 13MP dual lens camera with 4K HD video recording, and Hi-Fi audio technology.

High-fidelity (Hi-Fi) music services are enjoyed best on any Axon, no matter its price.

If you want the most out of Hi-Fi streaming music services or apps, no other smartphone delivers like Axon. At any price level, you get the industry’s more advanced smartphone audio technology that delivers high-quality sound reproduction and audio recording. You no longer have to lug around a Hi-Fi speaker to have high-quality sound; JBL E13 in-ear headphones are included in-box so high-quality audio is at your fingertips.

A style icon that fits in your pocket

The Axon series features premium metal and glass casing that evokes a modern look and feel. The distinctive grill pattern highlights standout phone features that grab attention without shouting. Ergonomic button placement, a smooth metal casing, and glass quad HD display make the phone marvelous to hold and use. Sophisticated color contrast is available in three options, Phthalo Blue, Ion Gold, and Chromium Silver.

Delivers a premium experience every time you use it

The performance is smooth and never hesitates when delivering the content you need the second you need it. Through integrating top of the line technology you’ve come to expect in a flagship, Axon is designed to enable your connected life whether through streaming content, playing games or sharing 4K content.

If something goes wrong, no problem, you’re covered

With Axon Passport 1.0, you get a two year warranty that also includes incidentals, free shipping, 30 day buyer’s remorse returns and the easiest upgrades available today.

With ZTE’s new lease-to-own plan, high-end smartphone technology has never been more readily available to you than now. With more than 20 million U.S. customers, 66 actively selling devices across all U.S. wireless carriers, ZTE has the proven experience to build and deliver quality mobile devices that you can be confident choosing.

*Strategy Analytics, Q1 2015
**Strategy Analytics, WSS Service


ZTE USA (www.zteusa.com), headquartered in Richardson, Texas, is a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, a global provider of mobile devices, telecommunication systems, and enterprise solutions. Operating since 1998, ZTE USA is dedicated to making cost-efficient, quality communication technology accessible to all. ZTE is ranked by independent industry analysts as the fourth-largest supplier of mobile devices in the U.S. overall, and second-largest supplier of prepaid devices.

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Jeffrey Norris, 816-550-7764


Jeffrey Norris, 816-550-7764