Persado Drafts NFL Offensive Lineman and Mathematician John Urschel as Official Mathlete

Urschel and Persado Launch #MathMeetsMktg Campaign to Demystify the Math and Data Science Technologies That Are Changing Marketing and Business

NEW YORK--()--Persado, whose platform automates the creation of persuasive language used in digital marketing and other communications designed to drive action, has teamed up with Baltimore Ravens Offensive Lineman and published mathematician John Urschel (@MathMeetsFball) to launch the #MathMeetsMktg campaign. Working together, Urschel and Persado will create educational materials and launch other initiatives that explain how advanced math concepts are being used today in modern marketing.

Persado invented a way of using computers to write natural language called Persuasion Automation. The platform uses advanced math and science to generate the most persuasive language for digital communications intended to drive action. Through various message types and ad units like emails, display ads and mobile messages, the engine of the commercial internet is driven on short, digital, persuasive messages. Calculating the optimal emotional language to use, Persado’s Persuasion Automation has shown an average 75% greater performance compared to copy created in the traditional manner, by human copywriters without the help of persuasive language automation.

“Advanced mathematics is being used today to do things people didn’t think could be done,” said Urschel, who in addition to his day job as a professional football player is also pursuing his Ph.D. in applied mathematics. “To a lot of people, it’s like magic, they don’t understand how it’s possible. I have a passion for explaining the beauty and power of math at work, whether in football or in business.”

“John has an incredible ability to describe the application of advanced mathematics in a clear and compelling way,” said Persado CEO and Co-founder Alex Vratskides. “When we met him, we were struck by the parallels between us, both using mathematics in unexpected ways. John uses math to figure out the best play or draft choice, and Persado uses math to figure out the right emotion or wording. People don’t understand how these things are possible, and there’s no better person to explain it than John.”

Persado and Urschel will produce a variety of content types, including videos and articles, that will explain the advanced math and data science concepts at work behind many new modern marketing and business technologies. These will be released over time, and made available at

About Persado, Inc.

Persado’s Persuasion Automation platform generates the most persuasive language for communications designed to drive action. The software uses semantic algorithms to generate language for direct response communications such as emails, landing pages, display ads, text messages, push notifications and social posts. By mathematically determining the optimal emotional language and precise wording for digital marketing campaigns, Persado’s Persuasion Automation eliminates the guesswork of traditional copywriting.

Using Persado, leading brands such as American Express, Best Buy, Citi, LivingSocial, MetLife, Neiman Marcus, Vodafone, and ZipCar are realizing tens of millions of dollars in incremental revenue compared to campaigns written by copywriters working without the assistance of Persuasion Automation. Winner of the DMA’s 2014 Innovation Award for Digital Technology, Persado is backed by Bain Capital Ventures, StarVest Partners, American Express Ventures, and Citi Ventures. The company is headquartered in New York City, with offices in San Francisco, Athens, London, Rome, and Rio de Janeiro. For more information see

About #MathMeetsMktg

The #MathMeetsMktg campaign provides resources for understanding the role of mathematics and data science in modern marketing and business. A joint initiative of professional football player John Urschel and Persuasion Automation pioneer Persado, further information is available at


Julia Spano, 917-502-3792

Release Summary

Persado has teamed up with Baltimore Ravens Offensive Lineman and published mathematician John Urschel to launch the #MathMeetsMktg campaign.


Julia Spano, 917-502-3792