etailinsights Provides a Stealth Solution for eCommerce with Technology Spy

Technology Spy Gives eCommerce Solution Providers an Edge Over the Competition

CARY, N.C.--()--etailinsights, the leading eCommerce data provider, introduces Technology Spy, a powerful new enhancement to its suite of data-driven technology solutions. Technology Spy provides ecommerce sales and marketing teams with valuable inside knowledge of prospects to accelerate sales.

Founded in 2011, etailinsights has been empowering eCommerce sales and marketing professionals with valuable data. etailinsights leverages an experienced research team armed with proprietary technology to support the success of the company’s eCommerce customers. etailinsights’ suite of technology solutions help customers find prospective eCommerce clients and provides invaluable insights into prospects. The company delivers an accurate and quarterly refreshed data solution focused solely on the strategic information that sales and marketing professionals need to reach their targets.

Technology Spy makes prospecting even easier by allowing etailinsights clients to track the technologies that etailers are using and provides an alert when it discovers that a change is being made. Giving sales and marketing teams real-time intelligence about a customer’s technology usage and signaling them to triggering events in the buying cycle provides etailinsights clients with an edge over their competition. Simply put, with Technology Spy, etailinsights subscribers can automatically monitor when etailers start and stop using certain technologies.

Early users of Technology Spy are already seeing the benefits. "Technology Spy has been a game changer for my team,” says Lindsey Boggs, Director of Inside Sales at SmarterHQ. “Before Technology Spy, there was a lot of manual research we had to do to uncover the etailer’s Email Service Provider (ESP), eCommerce Platform and other technologies. Now, the first items in my inbox every morning are alerts notifying me when the etailers I’m spying have changed vendors! Gone are the days of manually tracking and testing!"

There are a number of benefits with Technology Spy. Users can identify prospects they want to track, discover the technology they’re using and receive notifications of any changes through an email alert. These alerts often signal the moment Online Retailers are most likely shopping for new technologies. This enhancement, combined with the contact information for the prospects that has always been part of the etailinsights solution, makes it easier for sales teams to reach out to prospects and begin the sales process. Finally, etailinsights clients can request new technologies for the etailinsights research team to add to the solution and monitor.

"We are very excited to build on our success in the eCommerce market with the launch of Technology Spy,” explains Preston Brown, Co-Founder and CTO at etailinsights. “This enhancement helps our customer act quickly, strategically and aggressively based on changes to an etailer's software platform, increasing their chances of sales success. Early users have given us extensive feedback and it has been fantastic."

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etailinsights is the leading provider of accurate contact information for online retailers. Founded in 2011, etailinsights helps eCommerce solution providers define their target market and execute strategies to grow revenue. Their experienced research team knows the key information needed to accelerate sales, and researchers use proprietary technology to harvest and update contact level data. With over 100 satisfied clients and detailed profiles on more than 30,000 Online Retail executives, etailinsights is the best way to empower an eCommerce sales team with the lead data they need.

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SmarterHQ is a customer intelligence-driven cross-channel marketing platform which enables retailers to leverage customer insights and experiences to create and execute the world’s most personalized messages. Through retailer-centric data modeling, SmarterHQ is able to unite all points of interaction in the customer lifecycle making actionable experience data that spans in-store, to mobile, to brand, to enterprise-wide. SmarterHQ’s vendor-independent solution helps retailers optimize customer lifetime value while making the shopping experience more personalized for consumers.

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etailinsights, the leading eCommerce data provider, introduces Technology Spy, providing ecommerce sales and marketing teams with valuable inside knowledge of prospects to accelerate sales.


Crossroads PR & Marketing, for etailinsights
Shawn Ramsey, 919-821-2822