Concierge Choice Physicians Survey Shows that Physicians Choose Concierge Medicine to Stabilize Practices, Have More Time with Patients and a Better Work/Life Practice

Survey also shows exceptionally high satisfaction rate among patients

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y.--()--With research showing that nearly 90% of physicians have experienced a decline in morale over the past decade, and only half stating they would encourage their children to pursue a career in medicine[i], industry leader Concierge Choice Physicians (CCP), reports high levels of career satisfaction among their affiliated physicians, according to a recent company survey.

“We know that medicine has become increasingly more burdensome and less rewarding for physicians,” states Wayne Lipton, managing partner and founder of CCP. “We also know that concierge physicians like their jobs and want to remain in practice. In an era of MD shortages, we need to find out what drives satisfaction in concierge and how we can expand those features to more physicians.”

CCP recently surveyed the primary care physicians and specialists it works with in 22 states, who offer either Full-Concierge, Hybrid Concierge or Transitional programs to patients. Key findings included:

  • More than 55% of physicians surveyed listed the number one reason they chose Concierge Medicine was to stabilize their revenue and to enable them to continue to practice medicine.
  • About 44% of respondents reported that the two main factors driving their decision to offer concierge was a better work/life balance, more time with, and improved relationships with patients.
  • More than 50% of respondents claimed their biggest frustrations with the evolution of healthcare was increased demands from payers, declining reimbursements, new rules and regulations, as well as the lost time with patients due to increased technology.
  • Physicians report that less than 2% of patients have negative reactions to the program, and nearly 75% are “very positive” about it. Many MDs note that the typical patient with concerns about the program, especially the Hybrid Model, change their opinion once they better understand how it works.

“While some of my colleagues are disheartened by the current state of medicine, I get to practice medicine the way it’s supposed to be,” said Dr. Gregory Yu, an internist in La Canada, Calif., who offers CCP’s Hybrid program to patients. “My patients and I no longer feel rushed during appointments; and I can give those who choose the concierge program the more personalized care they want. It’s an option that is good for me, my patients and I think for medicine as a whole.”

CCP’s innovative Hybrid Concierge allows physicians to offer the choice of a concierge program to the small percentage of patients – typically less than 10% of the total practice – who want that option. CCP’s FullFlex program enables physicians to transition to Hybrid programs over time, or immediately launch a Full-Concierge program. CCP offers the concierge industry’s most flexible and least restrictive portfolio of concierge options.

To learn more about the results of this survey or about the practice models offered through CCP, visit their website at, or call 877-888-5590.

About Concierge Choice Physicians

Dedicated to providing real options for patients and physicians, Concierge Choice Physicians™ is the largest private provider of the full range of concierge programs available today – Hybrid, Transitional and Full-Model. CCP is also the industry’s second largest Concierge Medicine company overall. The company provides an innovative, flexible and affordable model proven to work in medical practices of any size – from solo physicians to large medical practice corporations – both independent and affiliated with hospitals or health systems. Headquartered in Rockville Centre, NY, the company works with medical practices in 22 states. For more information, visit, or call 877-888-5590.

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[i] 2014 Great American Physician Survey


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For Concierge Choice Physicians
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