Web Sheriff Reveals the Bare Facts on Nude Leaks & Revenge Posts

LOS ANGELES--()--Leading anti-piracy and viral marketing specialists “Web Sheriff” are riding to the rescue of celebrities whose nude photos have been hacked and leaked on-line.

“We live in an age where the cocktail of technology and voyeurism impacts our daily lives. When you add internet trolls or disgruntled ex-lovers into the mix, you end up with a highly toxic brew,” said Web Sheriff CEO and founder John Giacobbi. http://www.websheriff.com

“Whether you’re a Hollywood A-Lister who’s just been hacked or a Girl-Next-Door whose ex-boyfriend has posted explicit photos on-line, help is now here,” said Giacobbi.

Web Sheriff cautions that, while police action may catch those responsible, this invariably takes time and does nothing to stop the spread of images on the net. Similarly, going down the traditional legal route and the courts not only takes time, but it is also too expensive for most people. And the outcome for those who can afford it is simply a Judgment, which still needs to be enforced on a global internet.

Through its expertise and experience, Web Sheriff is able to rapidly respond to the threat posed by leaks on the internet, removing content for clients rapidly and effectively. “As we’ve seen from the hacking of photos of over 100 female celebrities,” Giacobbi stated, “this is a highly topical issue. Although the problem is no longer confined to superstars like Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna. Everyone has the potential to be a target, so it’s important to let people know that they don’t have to be defenseless victims – with Web Sheriff’s help, they can fight-back.”

Web Sheriff’s Safety Tips

  • Clearly, the best advice is don’t take nude selfies!!
  • Also, never store sensitive material on internet devices – they’re not secure, so keep it off-line!!
  • Never post, text or e-mail nude selfies – you’ll regret it!!


  • 1 in 10 partners have threatened ‘revenge-porn’
  • 60% of these ‘partners’ follow up their threats to post photos
  • Perpetrators also post names, addresses and work info
  • 90% of revenge victims are women
  • 93% of victims suffer emotional distress
  • 49% said they were subsequently harassed by trolls

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Web Sheriff
Colin Liebich, 310-795-1526


Web Sheriff
Colin Liebich, 310-795-1526