Innovative Solutions & Support Announces FAA STC of its addition of an Auto Throttle System and Standby Display Unit to its Integrated Flight Management System

IS&S Auto Throttle and Standby System on Eclipse Aircraft (Photo: Business Wire)

EXTON, Pa.--()--Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc. (IS&S) (NASDAQ:ISSC) announced today that the company has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for its Auto Throttle System and Standby Display Unit (SDU) incorporated into its Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS®).

The IS&S developed auto throttle allows a pilot to control the power setting of the aircraft’s engines by setting a desired flight characteristic rather than manually controlling fuel flow. The Auto Throttle conserves fuel and reduces the pilot’s workload lowering fuel costs. Auto Throttle implementation is compliant with TSO-C198 for Class D equipment. The software certification level for the Auto Throttle functionality is in accordance with RTCA DO-178B level B. The system provides a Maximum Continuous Thrust, Speed Hold and Speed Protection Mode. When engaged by the pilot, the IS&S Auto Throttle system manipulates the throttles automatically to achieve and hold the manually selected airspeed. Underspeed and overspeed protection will automatically activate, regardless of autopilot engagement state in an attempt to keep airspeed from exceeding pre-defined low and high speed air targets.

Integrated Flight Management System enhancements with the Auto Throttle include:

  • Full Size Charts with Vertical Situation Display overlay
  • Configurable Checklists
  • Expanded FMS waypoint information to include the estimated Fuel Remaining, ETA and Speed at each waypoint
  • GPS Enhancements
  • Takeoff and Landing Performance synoptic
  • Expanded Nearest synoptic to include Standby Frequency Tuning
  • Range to Altitude Ring

The IS&S Standby Display Unit (SDU) measures, processes and displays attitude, airspeed, altitude, heading and vertical speed information into an intuitive and concise single display unit. The SDU display format uses a Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) to enhance situational awareness and reduce pilot workload. It features a high resolution LCD display with full LED backlighting improving component reliability and readability for pilots. The graphics are fully anti-aliased with unprecedented accuracy and detail. The display brightness adapts for cockpit lightning conditions via an integrated ambient light sensor.

IS&S President Shahram Askarpour stated, “These certified capabilities further demonstrate the robustness and versatility of the IS&S Integrated Flight Management System. The IFMS® is a reliable platform for advanced navigation, performance calculations, communications information and airspace situational awareness for the pilot in an intuitive familiar format.”

Debuting on Eclipse Aircraft the IS&S IFMS® is one of the most advanced Flight Management Systems available on any aircraft.

The IS&S Integrated Flight Management System features:

  • Coupled WAAS/LPV Approaches
  • Performance Based Top of Descent
  • RNP 0.1 nm Precision
  • Coupled Enroute GPS Navigation
  • Coupled Missed Approach
  • Coupled Procedure Turn
  • Coupled Holding Patterns
  • Automated Airway Entry
  • Coupled Offsets

IS&S’s Flight Management Systems have been selected in all three market segments of Air Transport, Military and Business Aviation. IS&S supplies Flight Management solutions to the Commercial market for B-737, MD-80, MD-88 and MD-90, the Military market for C-130, L-100 and, the Business market for Eclipse Aircraft.

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Headquartered in Exton, Pa., Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc. ( is a systems integrator that designs and manufactures flight guidance and cockpit display systems for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and retrofit applications. The company supplies integrated Flight Management Systems (FMS) and advanced GPS receivers for precision low carbon footprint navigation.

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Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc.
Press Contacts:
Jason Zywalewski, +1 610-646-9800 ext 609


Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc.
Press Contacts:
Jason Zywalewski, +1 610-646-9800 ext 609