Sailthru Launches Advanced Analytics Platform

Multichannel Business Intelligence Tool Empowers Marketers to Explore the Long-term Impact of Every Brand Interaction to Transform Consumer Experiences and Increase CLV

Sailthru Advanced Analytics Dashboard (Photo: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--Sailthru, the leading provider of automated marketing personalization technology, today announced Sailthru Advanced Analytics, a new offering within the company’s platform that enables marketers to readily identify revenue and retention opportunities from customer behavior trends and interactions with a given brand. For the first time, marketers have the ability to access a granular view of a customer base, purchase data, and combine that intel with intuitive one-click data visualizations. This unparalleled and sophisticated business intelligence tool empowers Sailthru’s clients, including Acumen/Country Outfitter, ScoreBig and, to quickly predict the long-term impact of every marketing decision and/or brand interaction with their customers across any channel.

“At Sailthru we are empowering today’s leading marketers to build lasting relationships with their customers. For a marketer, the way to truly increase customer life-cycle revenue is to approach every business decision with a customer-first mentality. Sailthru technology is transforming the way brands communicate with their customers by giving today’s cutting edge marketers the tools to personalize every customer interaction and in turn build more profitable and sustainable customer relationships,” said Neil Capel, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Sailthru. “Combined with the existing Sailthru product suite, Advanced Analytics is a game changing way to not only give customers what they want, but also capture near term revenue in the process and maximize the long-term impact of each marketing action.”

Features of Sailthru Advanced Analytics include:

  • Manage Multichannel Marketing Analytics in a Single Platform: Built on Sailthru’s multichannel customer profiles, Advanced Analytics equips marketers to quickly interpret 360-degree customer metrics, making this the most powerful marketing BI tool on the market.
  • Plug and Play: Sailthru clients can develop deep insights with no implementation required, all under one roof.
  • Deploy Smarter Marketing Tactics: Leverage features such as cohort analysis and market basket assessment to identify engagement and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Slice and Dice Data to Get Granular Insights: Sailthru Advanced Analytics’ custom data cube enables clients to drill several levels down into metrics and reports with sophisticated visualization.
  • Provide Focused Insights to Key Stakeholders: Pre-loaded dashboards provide key insights differentiated by department. These include acquisition campaign performance and merchandising statistics among others.
  • Predict the Long-term Impact of Your Decisions: Clients can now easily compare near-term conversion data with lifetime value measures.

“Many marketers are optimizing for today and not thinking about tomorrow. That means looking at the data in a one or maybe two-dimensional way. With Advanced Analytics, our clients can drill a level deeper. For example, they might look at average order value based on first-time customers only, and then delineate between first-time customers who also watched a product video versus those who did not. This would ultimately allow a marketer to understand how a two year lifetime value differs for the video watcher versus non and to optimize accordingly,” said Cassie Lancellotti-Young, VP of Data and Optimization, Sailthru.

What Sailthru clients are saying:

“Out of the box, Sailthru Advanced Analytics provides us with key insights to drive our most critical marketing decisions and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. For example, it allows us to examine the impact of our email testing at a behavioral level, so that we can make adjustments in real time,” said Mark Smith, Sr. Manager, Email Marketing, Acumen Holdings, parent company of Country Outfitters. “We have also been able to use the platform to accurately measure our customer lifetime value; having one data repository gives us the full picture of the customer from acquisition to engagement to conversion and it’s changing the way we do business.”

“Sailthru Advanced Analytics meets our end-to-end business intelligence and in-depth analytical needs and those of other marketers. It’s an interactive, high-scale platform with powerful analytics, intuitive visuals and customizable reporting, a combination we didn’t find in any other platform we looked at,” said Karla Kihn, CRM Manager, ScoreBig.

“Every week, we deliver our customers personalized local content based on the precise block where they live or work,” said Neeraj Sharma, VP of Marketing, “Sailthru Advanced Analytics helps us better understand our customers’ behaviors, which enables us to provide targeted information to meet their hyper-local purchase needs.”

About Sailthru

Sailthru, the leading provider of automated marketing personalization technology, is driving a major shift in how companies engage with their individual customers and optimize their revenue opportunities. Through the automated analysis of large data sets, Sailthru Smart Data generates and delivers personalized, omnichannel digital brand experiences. Sailthru-powered 1:1 relationships with consumers drive higher revenue and conversion for more than four hundred enterprises including, Thrillist/Jack Threads, Everlane, Huffington Post and Business Insider.

Founded in 2008 by Neil Capel, Ian White and Chris Chapman and headquartered in New York City, Sailthru is recognized for its industry-leading practices promoting consumer privacy and security by the Online Trade Association (OTA) and is on their 2013 Honor Roll. Sailthru has been named #30 on the annual Inc. 500|5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies including #2 in NY and #6 in the advertising and marketing category. For more information, please visit


Kelly Berry, 877-812-8689


Kelly Berry, 877-812-8689