Ron Cutler’s Inspirational and Practical Book for These Tough Economic Times Debuts Today

How I Turned $15,000 into $10,000,000 (HIT) and You Can Too Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, Sony and Kobo

LOS ANGELES--()--In his book that’s out today, How I Turned $15,000 into $10,000,000 (HIT) and You Can Too: Business Lessons that can Enrich your Life, first time non-fiction writer Ron Cutler shares the principles that helped him achieve success in the entertainment business. In a straightforward, non-intimidating style, Cutler presents business techniques and advice to help those interested in changing their lives. A rags to riches story, Cutler reveals his humble beginnings, epic failures and life lessons he learned that ultimately led him to personal and financial success.

He says, “My path wasn’t an easy one. At this stage in my life, I’d like to help others get a leg up, particularly during this challenging economy. Perhaps the lessons that taught me resilience, determination and self-reliance will resonate with others.”

While it was a $15,000 investment that resulted in a $10 million payoff, Cutler’s entrepreneurial spirit was actually ignited as a teenager when his Aunt Betty gave him $25 for his first business venture. Over the course of his 39 year career, Cutler was a radio DJ, a radio station owner and a disco/nightclub owner. Additionally, with a proven eye for emerging trends, he owned and ran Cutler Productions, a radio syndication and network company where he created 15 hit radio programs and was instrumental in launching the national shows of radio greats Rick Dees, Tom Joyner and Cousin Brucie. In the ‘80s, he created Cutler Comedy Networks, a leading programming company that serviced more than 4,000 radio stations in the U.S. In 1996, he cashed in for $10 million when he sold the company to Premiere Radio Networks.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Cutler was a pioneer of internet radio, long before Pandora hit the scene. He resurrected his Philly radio DJ persona, Ron Diamond, and launched in 1999. As host, producer and spinner of oldies, the website was among the first internet radio shows and the biggest oldies music show that attracted three million unique visitors.

HIT is available for $9.99 as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, Sony and Kobo and also as a trade paperback on Amazon and other booksellers for $14.95. Follow Cutler on Twitter at bizprinciple101 and on Facebook page Ron Cutler-Author. For more information visit

About How I Turned $15,000 into $10,000,000 and You Can Too (HIT)

HIT is a unique combination of a business, how-to, memoir and self-improvement book. It’s not written in the cold, detached academic format of most business books. Instead, the reader learns real-world lessons based on Cutler’s trials and tribulations in his pursuit of success. This entertaining business book is chock-full of wild and informative stories, sprinkled with a good dose of humor. Based on 39 years of entrepreneurial experience covering multiple entertainment and leisure ventures, HIT reveals how Cutler thinks, strategizes, creates, solves problems, overcomes obstacles, and develops confidence. A relevant book for these challenging economic times, HIT is an enjoyable read designed to give people hope and inspiration. A true rags to riches story, HIT will teach the reader how to think like a successful business person.

About Ron Cutler

Since 1961, Cutler has been an entrepreneur. At 18 years old, he pursued his first business venture hosting teenage dances in Philadelphia for nine years. His love of music and connection with his dance audience led him to radio in 1965. As “Ron Diamond,” he was one of the first disc jockeys to play contemporary music and oldies on FM radio. In 1970, he moved west and purchased and ran radio station KOME in San Jose. Then in 1975, Cutler created one of the first discos in Los Angeles – Bahama Mama’s. A year later, he created one of the largest night clubs west of the Mississippi called Dillons.

Returning to radio in 1981, he launched Cutler Productions where he created and produced hit national radio shows and services. Cutler Comedy Networks was then established in 1989, which he sold to Premiere Radio Networks in 1996. Prior to that sale, he tragically lost his 22-year-old middle son Seth in an accident in 1995. Seth had always wanted his Dad to bring back “Ron Diamond,” so in 1999, in honor of his son, Cutler launched He hosted an oldies show that attracted three million unique visitors. Then in 2003, he pursued his dream of writing a novel. In 2008, The Secret Scroll debuted, selling in the top 1 percent of first-time novelists. Due to its success, the book was printed in 13 languages and distributed in 13 foreign countries. Today, Cutler resides in Calabasas, California with his wife of 29 years.


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Ron Cutler is an entrepreneur/self-made success who sold his company to Premiere Radio Networks. He wrote “How I Turned $15,000 into $10,000,000 and You Can Too.”


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