Intellon INT6400 HomePlug AV Powerline Communications IC Selected by GigaFast for More than a Dozen New Products

Intellon’s Newest and Most Advanced Low Power IC Drives Major Expansion in GigaFast’s Product Portfolio

ORLANDO, Fla.--()--Intellon Corporation (Nasdaq:ITLN), a leading provider of HomePlug®-compatible integrated circuits (ICs) for home networking, networked entertainment, Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) and smart grid applications, announced that GigaFast, a Taiwan-based consumer electronics maker, is using Intellon’s HomePlug AV-based INT6400, Intellon’s newest chip, in 14 new powerline communications products that include wall-mount and desktop Ethernet adapters, wall-mount USB hosts, Ethernet power supplies and security camera systems.

GigaFast, with headquarters in Taiwan, manufacturing operations in China and business development, sales and marketing operations in San Jose, California, has deployed many powerline products using Intellon’s HomePlug 1.0, HomePlug 1.0 with Turbo and HomePlug AV ICs. With the introduction of Intellon’s third generation HomePlug AV IC, the INT6400, GigaFast moved quickly to develop and field a full suite of new products designed to take advantage of the latest technology improvements available with the INT6400.

The INT6400 has the lowest power consumption of any HomePlug AV-class IC, meets European 2011 Code of Conduct requirements for adapters and delivers higher TCP throughput and more customer programmability options (such as programmable LEDs, push buttons and diagnostics), as well as improved Quality of Service (QoS), which is important for distribution of video around the home. In addition, the INT6400 design enables a lower Bill of Materials (BoM) cost for both adapters and embedded products by eliminating the need for other BoM components, primarily in SDRAM memory and Flash components.

“These attributes are resulting in strong interest from our customers including GigaFast, which has done an excellent job in bringing these 14 new products to market so quickly,” said Rick Furtney, president and COO of Intellon Corporation. “Consumers want home connectivity that delivers entertainment-grade video and content sharing throughout their home, without having to install new wiring and without consuming a lot of power and these new INT6400-based GigaFast products deliver on all counts.”

“Intellon is the world leader in HomePlug-based IC technology and we think the INT6400 technology provides us with device features that consumers want and need,” said Jay Cheng, president of GigaFast. “Our development teams moved very quickly to bring this new technology to a full-range of products in our portfolio.”

GigaFast’s new INT6400-based device portfolio includes:

  • Three wall-mount Ethernet Adapters (PE929-EB, an ultra-compact 1-port mini; PE928-EB, a standard 1-port; and PE927-EB, a 3-port unit).wall-mount adapter.
  • Three desktop Ethernet Adapters (PE922-EB, an ultra-compact 1-port; PE923-EB, a 4-port unit; and PE924-EB, a coax and powerline hybrid with switch function.
  • One wall-mount USB host that features multiple computer access of USB devices such as USB audio, hard drives, and printers.
  • Five Ethernet power supplies. The PE925-PLA (6-watt power) and PE926-PLA (30-watt power) each have Y-cables that supply both power and data. The PE925-PoE (7W/port feeding power) and PE926-PoE (15.4W/port feeding power) are both 1-port devices that provide 48VDC power to PoE devices. The PE927-UPS is a flying saucer-shaped 6-outlet (power) and 3-port Ethernet unite with 3-line surge protector and filtered outlets.
  • Two security surveillance cameras. The PE925-PoE+C is a bundle that includes a PoE camera with high-sensitivity progressive scan CMOS sensor and 12 LEDs to deliver video under any lighting conditions coupled with the 1-port PoE adapter. The PE925-PLA+C is an IP camera with 30 frames/second VGA resolution and the ability to send MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG streams simultaneously from each channel. This camera is bundled with the wall-mount power supply with Y-cable adapter.

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GigaFast is a leading manufacturer in HomePlug® compliant and other powerline communications products. Current GigaFast OEM/ODM clients consist of top consumer electronic brands in the world as well as very promising start-up companies, aspiring to have top-quality powerline communication products. With a dedicated engineering team, GigaFast has developed a complete range of innovative products covering multiple powerline communication applications. With over 12 years of networking manufacturing experience and customer service, GigaFast is an expert in OEM and ODM projects, customizing powerline communication solutions to our clients’ specifications. For more information, visit

About Intellon Corporation

Intellon (Nasdaq:ITLN) is a market leader in powerline communications, providing HomePlug® compliant and other powerline integrated circuits for home networking, networked entertainment, BPL access, Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC), smart grid management and other commercial applications. Intellon created and patented the baseline technology for HomePlug 1.0, and is a major contributor to the baseline technology for the 200-Mbps PHY-rate HomePlug AV powerline standard. With more than 28 million HomePlug-based ICs sold, Intellon is the market share leader in the HomePlug IC market. The Company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, with offices in Ocala, Florida, San Jose, California and Toronto, Canada. For additional information, visit

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Intellon Corporation, Orlando
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